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Camille Co Is Facing Her Future Head-On

Even when she’s taking monumental leaps, Camille Co lands on her feet.
There come a few rare points in your life where you’re aware, for once, that everything’s about to change. Like you’re standing on the edge of something familiar and comfortable, about to dive into what’s next, what’s unknown. You can see it

Tricia Gosingtian Has a Genius Trick If You're Not a Fan of Suits

Try out her alternative fashion formula instead!
A suit too formal for you? Try the versatile jeans-and-blazer combo as an alternative—it's apt for semi-formal or even casual settings. Take it from fashion blogger Tricia Gosingtian who knows exactly how to elevate this pairing without the fuss of accessories or ruffled

20 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Wear a Monochrome Outfit

Look sleek and stylish in a single color!
We all have those days when we wake in the morning and just can’t be bothered to dress up. That’s where the beauty of monochrome dressing comes in. An outfit defined by pieces of the same color, only differentiated by varying shades,

This Lara Jean OOTD Was Inspired by Filipino Blogger Tricia Gosingtian!

Keep an eye out for this look when you watch Netflix's To All the Boys I've Loved Before.
If you haven’t yet watched To All the Boys I've Loved Before, then we suggest you grab yourself a bowl of popcorn and do so, stat! Netflix’s latest teen romance offering, which is based on a 2014 novel of the same name,

Here's Why Our Top Local Bloggers Would Rather Not Be Called Influencers

Tricia, Camille, Laureen, and David—they’ve become one-name style celebrities—talk about five lessons they’ve learned on the job.
It was only six short years ago when Preview Magazine decided to change the covergirl dynamic for its September issue. In lieu of the usual suspects (ingenue, mythic actress, fashion model, global Pinay or it girl), the brand recognized the blogger trifecta

Tricia Gosingtian's Spain OOTDs Are Your New Sweet, Summery Pegs

She's making us want to book a trip, stat.
Hola! Looking perfectly dainty on the go seems to be Tricia Gosingtian's field of expertise—she's got a real gift for being put together wherever she's jetting off to next and no matter the weather. New case in point: her Spanish summer OOTDs!

Barbie Feet Is the Instagram Pose You Need for Endless Legs

Let these influencers show you how it's done!
Christian Louboutin once said that comfort is not a priority when he makes heels. Instead, his sole focus is the design and the sexiness of the shoe. Can't say we blame him, though. There's something about heels that automatically corrects a woman's

This is the Hat Our Local Celebrities Seem to Love Right Now

In case your fave beret needed a break!
Whether or not you're a chapeau gal, these stylish celebs are bound to make you swerve into the straw boater hat's lane. Yep, it's the exact same kind the gondoliers in Venice don! Summer may be over in our part of the world, but

LOTD: Here's How to Pull Off Head-to-Toe Neutrals

So vintage!
An all-white look feels a tad bit blinding, so Tricia Gosingtian proposes a solution: why not try cream?Here's the dearest, daintiest way to do it. Go for that genteel, old world feel by pairing a vintage-style button-front midi frock with an ivory

LOTD: Tricia Gosingtian Has the Chicest Way to Mix Prints

Print on print doesn't have to look so loud.
Blogger Tricia Gosingtian dared to wear a mix of stripes and plaid, and mind you, she does so very subtly. Here's one way to hop on the print-on-print trend without looking too bold.Workwear has never looked this chic and polished! Opting for a button-down, Tricia

LOTD: Here's How Tricia Gosingtian Does Her Gradient Lip

It's her signature look!
Tricia Gosingtian's looks are never complete without a gradient lip. She wears it practically everyday, and does it like a pro, too. The good news is that her technique is 100% coppable!Instead of smudging only one product, Tricia uses two lip tints

Isabelle Daza Receives Backlash for Yet Another Instagram Story

She apparently mocked a big part of Japanese culture.
Isabelle Daza has received yet another wave of backlash from netizens for a post on her Instagram stories. But this time, it wasn't about an important shopping decision.IMAGE TWITER/nicolecordcruzIn a video posted yesterday, the actress joked about the way people handed her

12 Timeless Bridal Looks to Inspire Your Future Wedding Dress

Classic and modern ideas courtesy of Lucy, Georgina, Kim, and Dawn right this way.
Whether your vision of the dress is a sweeping ball gown, a playful mermaid, or a sparkly slip dress, the goal is to make sure that you look timelessly beautiful in photographs—that imposing hallway portrait will serve as a reminder for years to come—and enjoy regram potential, the way

Tricia Gosingtian Shows Us the Prettiest Way to Wear Pink Makeup

Try it out!
Our obsession with pink everything isn't over yet. We still can't stop wearing it—from our outfits down to our daily beauty looks. Apparently, Tricia Gosingtian feels the exact same way, and the blogger recently shared a pink-themed makeup tutorial we can't wait to