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Heart Evangelista Breaks Silence Amid Bashers Calling Her "Out of Touch" and "Privileged"

Heart Evangelista Breaks Silence Amid Bashers Calling Her "Out of Touch" and "Privileged"
She finally addressed haters on the matter of her styled PPEs.

Heart Evangelista has been the subject of criticism as of late for her fashion-related Instagram posts and the “new normal.” Having posted a number of photos while donning fashionable looks featuring her own take on personal protective gear styled with designer pieces, the actress has been accused of being insensitive for allegedly parading her PPE outfits and seemingly turning the essential equipment into a frivolous fashion statement.

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After weeks of keeping mum on the issue, Heart finally broke her silence through a string of Twitter replies late last night. Notable of all was her answer to a user on the platform who had called her out for being “out of touch,” pointing to yet another fashion PPE post on her Instagram that uses the hashtag #TheNewNormalwithLoveMarie. "The out of touch privileged, in the context of race and class, is a problem not only in the U.S., but in the Philippines as well," the netizen's now-viral tweet reads.


“YOU have caused me so much sadness. I honesty don’t know what to do about myself. Two days you’ve been at it,” Heart wrote, quoting the tweet with a response. “I express myself through my art and fashion. I have not done anything wrong. Using my image to create hate is wrong... Still, I will wish you well. God bless.”

A few of Heart’s fans, on the other hand, came to her defense. One Twitter user chastised bashers for focusing on her Instagram feed rather than on the help that she’s extended so far, such as donating tablets to the underprivileged youth.

Heart promptly replied to this with “I didn’t do anything. I am and everyone else who helps are just instruments of God. God doesn’t give you extra sparkle in life for you to shine. He gives that sparkle for you to share.” 

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Despite opposing viewpoints on the matter, Heart admitted to having turned off her comments section on Instagram after another critic, whose tweet has since been deleted, called her out for doing so. “The world is already suffering so much and as I educate myself more and gather my thoughts about what I would like to share with my followers I don’t need any kind of hate and negativity to add up to it all. Nobody needs that now. My [advice]? Open your heart angel,” she wrote in a tweet.


“Can’t win them all, dear... Just don’t hurt me... It’s fine if you don’t like me,” came another one of her answers to a Twitter user whose tweet said he is "disappointed" in Heart.

To cap off her flurry of responses, Heart ended her answering spree with a final statement. “This is me and I will never pretend to be someone I’m not. I will not live my life unhappy no matter how things get. I will fight for what’s right in my heart and I will use all the love I know for a purpose. Life is too short, people... You never know.”

You tell 'em, Heart!

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