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Meet Gideon Hermosa, the Stylist Behind Most Celebrities' Lavish Events

He's the stars' ultimate go-to for beautifully styled weddings and parties.
Meet Gideon Hermosa, the Stylist Behind Most Celebrities' Lavish Events
He's the stars' ultimate go-to for beautifully styled weddings and parties.

For most couples who dream of having a beautiful and visually breathtaking wedding but are a little short on time or don’t quite have the creative knack, wedding stylists provide the perfect solution. But who are they and what do they do exactly? Simply put, wedding stylists—not to be mistaken as wedding planners—are responsible for turning your creative vision into reality. 

Gideon Hermosa is an event stylist hailing from Tarlac City. He is style savvy himself and well-versed when it comes to mounting majestic events. His impressive event styling is evident on his Instagram page @gideonhermosa, where his work regularly receives praises from local celebrities like Coleen Garcia and Marian Rivera—whose weddings he also styled lavishly and meticulously. Usually featuring an endless sea of flowers, Gideon’s weddings are out-of-the box and designed tastefully in every way, leaving no small details unseen. You will know whether a wedding has been styled by him if it’s tagged as #Gideonized, a hashtag coined by the stylist himself, which now serves as his signature to set his intricate work apart from the rest. And given the quality of his work, it’s no surprise that even couples from abroad try to book him to style their weddings.

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Getting to Know Gideon Hermosa

Preview had a quick chat with the wedding stylist extraordinaire himself. Below, read on as Gideon tells us more about his stylist aesthetic and how he’s able to make dream weddings come to life.

How would you describe a Gideon Hermosa wedding?

“I always want my weddings to be timeless and classy. This is a once in a lifetime event for the bride and groom, so I always make sure that I execute it in the best [way I can].


What made you interested in transforming weddings as if they came out straight from a fairytale?

“It actually started when makeup transformation videos [became] a trend. That gave me an idea to put a venue to a test [and] turning it into a totally different space, and all it takes is a bit of imagination and creativity.”

Do you have a favorite among all the weddings and projects you’ve already worked on? What is it and why?

“To tell you honestly, all of them are my favorites. I see to it that all of my creations are unique and special by using different styles, techniques, and approach. But destination weddings are close to my heart because [they are] more intimate, and maybe because I love to travel and explore different places to get some inspiration from different places around the world.”

With the kind of work that you do, what challenges do you usually encounter? And what would you say has been the biggest one so far?

“I normally encounter different challenges for each and every event. From conceptualizing to execution, there are a lot to mention. The most challenging is producing an output that is different from what I have already accomplished before. Making each event stand out and better from what I have already done. It is always going beyond my clients’ expectations.”


Gideon Hermosa's Style

It’s easy to tell if a wedding, or any event for that matter, was styled by Gideon. His aesthetic is not limited to a certain cookie-cutter style, making him an instant fave among Manila's most discerning. Here are some of the key elements we've noticed in his signature style:

1. Extravagant play on colors


Gideon is not afraid to work with colors that are dark or high-contrasting. Shades that are usually deemed as gloomy, serious, or mysterious are transformed into something fabulous, fun, and energetic given his creative take on the theme. Gideon turns them into something eye-catching and harmonious.

2. Flower-filled paradise

His extravagant floral exhibitions make each one of his weddings look like they came straight out of a Disney fairytale. Want to literally lay on a bed of roses? Want to walk down an aisle filled with white blooms? Gideon can make it happen.


3. Unbelievable transformations

As seen on his Instagram page, Gideon can easily transform an empty space into something entirely different and mesmerizing. You won't believe your eyes when he finally reveals the end result.

4. Unique elements


He's not one to simply recycle old techniques and styles he had previously done for a past client. Gideon takes into consideration the couple's personalities and preferences and weaves them into his own creative direction, making each of his events unique and symbolic for the bride and groom. 

Some of Gideon's Most Memorable Work

Gideon Hermosa is a master of bringing fairytale weddings to life, which is evident in his previous work for celebrity clients. Check out some of the best ones we've seen below:

1. Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia’s Balesin Wedding


Gideon is not a stranger to styling the most extravagant weddings. His magical transformation for the wedding venue of Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia received well-deserved praises, especially from the bride herself who was overjoyed upon seeing what he had done. The celebrity couple's beautiful Balesin wedding featuring a mirrored aisle and brimming with blue and white flowers is a testament to Gideon's event styling prowess.


2. Julia Barretto’s 22nd Birthday Party


Last March, Julia Barretto celebrated her birthday by throwing a party inspired by the Amalfi Coast, the actress' dream destination. Gideon transformed their backyard and took Julia's guests to Capri, Italy and had them dining under zesty lemon trees with yellow sunflowers to brighten the mood and the evening.

3. Kim Yap and Jarvis Sy's Wedding


Trust a celebrity stylist to turn to a fellow celebrity stylist for the wedding of her dreams. For the wedding of Kim Yap and Jarvis Sy, Gideon filled the church with white blossoms and set up a golden mirrored aisle for the bride to walk on. He then transformed Marriott Grand Ballroom into a paradise for the newlyweds' lavish reception.


4. Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin's Wedding

Speaking of paradise, Gideon also gave Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin their own version of a lush garden filled with colorful blooms and dreamy details. He transformed the entire venue into a romantic rendezvous befitting the couple's one-of-a-kind love story. Later on for the reception, their guests dined under the stars thanks to Gideon's brilliant styling of Narra Hill.


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