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Cath Sobrevega on What It Takes to Be a Successful Stylist

Meet this stylist to the stars.
After responding to a job posting on Twitter from top stylist Pam Quinones one fateful day, Cath Sobrevega has since been on a fashion-filled adventure one can only dream of. She didn't know anything about fashion then, but she took a leap

Meet Gideon Hermosa, the Stylist Behind Most Celebrities' Lavish Events

He's the stars' ultimate go-to for beautifully styled weddings and parties.
For most couples who dream of having a beautiful and visually breathtaking wedding but are a little short on time or don’t quite have the creative knack, wedding stylists provide the perfect solution. But who are they and what do they do

This Male Skincare Blogger Reveals What He Uses for Clear, Glowing Skin

Get to know JL Crespo, the skincare savvy guy behind Instagram account
"Gone are the days when only girls take care of their skin," says stylist JL Crespo—and we couldn't agree more. JL, who runs the Instagram account, is one of those men who are simply unapologetic about their love for beauty. While

This Stylist Had the Skincare-Themed Bridal Shower of Our Dreams

Best bridal shower idea ever!
If you've never thought of throwing a skincare-themed bridal shower, then let celebrity stylist and bride-to-be Kimi Yap show you how it's done. In partnership with La Mer Philippines, she and her sister Boop Yap treated their closest friends and family to

Cenon Norial III and Mav Bernardo on Authentic Couple Dressing

The photographer and stylist pair share how they dress better together.
It's said that after a certain amount of time together, couples morph into one person. They become a unit, talking the same way, mirroring each other's movements, and in some cases, even start to look like each other. Of course, that's nothing

Take a Sneak Peek into the Lives of These Celebrity Stylists

Disclaimer: It's not glamorous, but it is fulfilling.
Being a celebrity stylist is not an easy job. You need an eye for fashion to choose the right pieces for each client. Plus, styling the stars is a job that requires being prepared for the unexpected at all times. And have

Liz Uy Is Home and Faces the New Year Fresh

We catch up with the stylist and It girl, fresh from her L.A. sabbatical.
Los Angeles is a recurring setting in Liz Uy’s work and life that industry insiders and Liz’s legion of followers know to have started two years ago. At that time, the stylist and then emerging international style star was on the verge
7 Shares Features Liz Uy's Manila Shopping Guide

Liz Uy is undoubtedly, as so eloquently describes her, a "rising star of international style." So what better person is there to give the world-famous publication an in-depth shopping tour of Manila? Answer: none. Liz gives Vogue a better look at

Liz Uy is Now Represented by The Society Management!

...just like Adriana Lima, Kendall Jenner, and Irene Kim, no biggie.
New York talent agency The Society Management has added stylist Liz Uy to its roster of high-profile creatives!IMAGE INSTAGRAM/thesocietynycIn case you don't know just how big of a deal this announcement is, let us break it down for you. The Society Management

How to Succeed As a Fashion Stylist

Get pro tips from Ryuji Shiomitsu.
Styling is the pulse of fashion. The art of picking and combining the best pieces for the right people is why fashion is as useful and inspirational as it is. But it's not only a matter of taste. Stylists need to know

Forever 21 is Changing the Way You Shop

No more hunting for sizes and sourcing through the racks!
One of the most frustrating things about entering a big store with endless options for you to shop is that sometimes you don't know where to begin. If only there was someone to help you source through the racks and find things


Use it when you're feeling post-Alexa Chung, British cool.
We’re happy with the racially correct and gender-sensitive emojis that Apple just released. Really, we are. But we’re still yearning for the day when emojis are enough to convey what fashion folk truly feel. Here, a list of fasyon emojis that we

Tales Of Horror From 5 Freelance Artists

If you're a budding freelancer, here's something you should know.
A freelancer doesn’t need to read Clients from Hell to realize the down side of their job. They’re too busy dealing with these pains in the booty as we speak. Here we gather five (fashion) industry freelancers to share their personal encounters and

Liz Uy Has An Early Christmas Gift Just For You

Liz Uy Has An Early Christmas Gift Just For You
As an early Christmas treat, Liz Uy is launching the paperback edition of her best-selling book, Stylized: Liz Uy's Ten Style Essentials. And that's not all: you can have your book signed by the celebrity stylist herself! Meet and greet Liz on