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Dr. Vicki Belo Tries to Learn Gen-Z Slang from YouTuber Bella Racelis

“Can you teach me naman your language?”
Dr. Vicki Belo Tries to Learn Gen-Z Slang from YouTuber Bella Racelis
IMAGE youtube/Dr. Vicki Belo
“Can you teach me naman your language?”

We live in a time where the internet has become, in a way, a bridge for many of us. For some—what started as a tool to share vital information—it has now turned into a hub for online work and as our main communication line especially during the pandemic. There is no denying that social media platforms such as YouTube transformed the lives of our favorite digital content creators, and one of them is no other than Arabella Racelis a.k.a. ThatsBella. 

In Dr. Vicki Belo’s latest video, the celebrity dermatologist invited Bella for a Q&A session that covered how the YouTuber started her career and how it grew over time on the platform. Fun fact: Bella actually hid her YouTube popularity at the beginning because her parents didn’t want her to get exposed to social media! 

However, her love for sharing genuine parts of herself online grew into something more than she could ever imagine. “I get to express myself. I’m a very shy, timid person, [but now] I use my platform to inspire others,” Bella shares. Despite her young age, the impact she has on her audience reflects how hard she works to stay relevant to the times. That said, it is no surprise that she knows best when it comes to Gen-Z slang, in which the doctor asks, “Can you teach me naman your language?”

To catch up to this year’s Internet lingo, below, we list down all the Gen-Z slang words Bella Racelis’ taught Dr. Vicki Belo:

1. Bop

Bella describes the term to Dr. Vicki as “something you say when you hear a cool song.” 


Bella’s example: “Listen to that new song. It’s a bop!”

2. Pressed

According to the YouTuber, this word is used when you’re upset with someone or if someone hates you, and you just let it be.

Bella’s example: “Stay pressed.”

3. Periodt

Like how Bella did it, this Gen-Z slang is always expressed with a finger snap. It is to show support to a person’s opinion about a certain topic. It is definitely the modern way to say “Preach!”

Bella’s example: “Periodt, sis!”

4. Snatched 

This word is used to compliment someone who presents themselves all glammed up.

Bella’s example: “Your waist is snatched!”

5. Cap

This is to refer to someone who is lying or not lying about something, or to describe a certain subject that’s authentic or not.

Bella’s example: “You’re beautiful. No cap!”

6. Tea

As Dr. Belo thought it was just a hot drink, Tea is the Internet lingo to pertain to gossip or drama about someone.

Bella’s example: “Do you have tea?”

7. Beef

Similar to Tea, the doctor tried to relate the slang to the Filipino food “Beef steak”  we are all familiar with. However, Bella describe the term as a way to express if someone has an issue with another person.

Bella’s example: “‘Di ba you have beef with her?”

8. Sus

It is the shortcut term to describe someone who is acting suspicious or weird based on their words and actions.

Bella’s example: “He’s kinda sus.”

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