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Heart Evangelista Shuts Down Netizens' Mean Comments Pressuring Her to Get Pregnant

The actress would like to remind everyone that having kids is not a prerequisite to happiness.
In case anyone would need reminding, Heart Evangelista’s body is hers, and hers alone. In a TikTok video featuring the actress, a number of users have made inappropriate comments about how Heart is “wasting” her body by not getting pregnant. One comment reads,

Liza Soberano's Tweet on Her Fast Internet Connection Sparks Debate on VIP Treatment

The actress has since issued a statement clarifying it wasn't her intention to brag and urged internet service providers to do a better job.
Talk of internet speed and stable connection has always been quite a sensitive topic for Filipinos. You can often find unhappy customers expressing their dissatisfaction towards their respective internet service providers on Twitter almost every day. While our ISPs do their best

Here's Why Your Internet Has Been Unusually Slow Lately

We may need to limit the videos we watch while in enhanced community quarantine.
Bad news on Day 6 of the enhanced community quarantine in the country. If watching YouTube and Netflix, or uploading Tiktok videos has been keeping you occupied in the confines of your home, you may have to start putting a cap on

Tattoo Black

Faster, better, and stronger mobile Internet: Welcome the world of LTE.
Globe Tattoo is at it once again! They recently launched Long Term Evolution (LTE), the fastest form of mobile Internet connection and they call it Tattoo Black.Think mobile Internet (either through your phone or a stick), but better, faster, and stronger, where