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7 DIY Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Because the best presents are made with love!
7 DIY Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
Because the best presents are made with love!

Looking back at the crazy year we’ve had, 2020 was definitely not what we expected at all. With everything that’s happened this year, we think that it’s all the more necessary to show the people in our lives that we’re grateful for them. Considering you probably haven’t seen your friends and family in person in a while, gifts that are labors of love and effort will undoubtedly make them feel special. It’s also a good indicator that you’ve been thinking about them despite having some time apart. That said, what better way to kick off the coming new year than with homemade gifts for your loved ones?

Here are DIY gift ideas that you can easily make at home:

1. Candles

Want to gift your loved ones some candles without breaking the bank? Well, the good thing is, you can! Handmade candles are pretty simple to make, all you need that’s not already in your home are molds, wax, some wicks, fragrance, and skewers! You can even experiment and attempt to make those cute and aesthetically pleasing ones that you see all over Instagram! 


Visit The Spruce Crafts for a straightforward and beginner-friendly tutorial on how to make candles. You can also catch the video below for a newbies guide to candle making:

2. Bath Bombs 

Let’s face it, it’s been one hell of a stressful year. Here’s a great idea to treat your friends to a relaxing bath that’ll make them feel like they’ve been transported to a spa! These DIY bath bombs are really easy to make and are completely customizable according to your preferences!

Watch the full video below for a DIY bath bomb recipe. You can also visit this website for more ideas!

3. Homemade Spice Set

For that one person who finally developed their cooking skills this pandemic, they’ll surely love a DIY spice set. You can stick to traditional spices or even make mixes of your own and rebottle them to look like the super satisfying, minimalistic bottles you see on Pinterest! 

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PHOTO BY Pinterest

4. Embroidered Handkerchiefs 

What better way to show someone you’re thinking of them than with a small, personalized present? If you’ve got an embroidery kit at home, this will be a piece of cake! 

Learn how to embroider a handkerchief in various ways here. If you need a clear visual guide, you can also click on the video below.


5. Handmade Soap 

Handmade soap is a great gift idea for basically anyone in your life. You can kick things up a notch by adding your own personalized blend of scents. 

Check out 21 different handmade soap recipes from The Spruce Crafts here

 6. Baked Goods 

If your quarantine coping mechanism is baking, then this is something you can definitely do! Besides, who wouldn’t love receiving food as a gift? The possibilities for this are endless—from cinnamon rolls, to banana bread, cookies, brownies and more. Your recipient would definitely be more than happy to receive some homemade goodies made with love. 

For delicious baked good recipes, visit this website here

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7. Resin Coasters 

Anything made from resin is totally in right now, not to mention they’re such a classy gift idea, too. These DIY resin coasters look like they’re made from actual geodes. Plus, you can make it in the comfort of your own home!

Watch the video below for a tutorial on crafting DIY resin coasters!

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