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5 DIY Decorating Tips to Know According to These Interior Designers

5 DIY Decorating Tips to Know According to These Interior Designers
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The pros reveal the secret to creating a space that you will enjoy in the long run.

Being at home has forced us to take a good, hard look on our personal space. Now that we're more present at home, we've figured out that there should be alloted space for work, for eating, and for rest. The challenge now also becomes clearer: How do we declutter and spruce up our place to get areas that will serve our endeavors well? 

When it comes to space renovations and room fluffing, the reflex is to ask a professional team to help us out. After all, they know best when the objective is melding our vision with functionality and intentional design. However, this route seems to be an impossible step to take, given our current circumstances. Home matters and improvements are now left at the back burner, or if not, spearheaded with no clear plans.

Don't fret, though. Your home projects can still materialize in the best ways possible! We asked the pros for some quick tips in helping you achieve your best sanctuary yet on your own. Tanaw Studio's founding members Chelsea Magbanua, Ella Castañeda, and Arvel Alvarez share with Preview five easy-to-follow tips that will guide you in taking handling your home upgrades.


1. "Expensive doesn’t always mean beautiful or good design."

"You can mix and match big ticket items with more affordable ones and still achieve the feel that you want. So we suggest splurging—if you can—on things that you will use often. But for small decor, you can opt to go for more affordable options."

2. Don't follow decor trends too much.

"This one’s very tempting for a lot of people. But never prioritize trends over your personal style. Use design trends as inspiration not as a rule book because trends come and go. Your personal style, on the other hand, remains and that’s what’s important. It’s the secret to creating a space that you will enjoy in the long run."

3. Group things in threes.

"We always get the question: How do I display all of my things properly so it doesn’tlook so cluttered?Just remember, the rule of threes apply to interior design, too. Group the items you want to display in threes especially for bigger display areas.

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"You don’t need to fill up the entire space, just have scattered items grouped in threes. And if you’re going to layer, keep the bigger item at the back and pair it with two other small elements on the foreground. Doing so will give your accessories a more put together yet still dynamic look."

4. "New paint will always give your space a fresh look."

"But if you’re doing it by yourself, research the right type of paint first. Your best bet is semi gloss-latex because it dries fast and has minimal odor. If you’re going for a more matte look, rather than using full flat or matte paint, go for satin finish because it’ll give a similar feel but it’s easier to clean and dirt is less obvious on it. If you can’t repaint walls, self-adhesive wallpaper will also do the trick!"

5. "If in doubt, consult with an interior designer."

"Sometimes you end up spending more than what you actually need to and designers can help maximize the things you already have." 


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