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Sustainable Holiday Decor Ideas to Try This Christmas

Your home will feel as festive as ever.
Nothing gets us more excited about the holidays than festive décor strewn across our home. Most people shop for brand new accoutrements every year to adorn their living area with, but we believe in mindful consumption and sustainable living. In an effort

5 Online Stores Where You Can Shop Decor for Your Stylish Home

There's something for everyone here.
Whether you’re living alone or still staying in your childhood home, there’s always a way to make your space more personal with curated pieces handpicked by you! Here, we list down a few online stores where you can browse for decor to

7 Shops to Follow If You’re Obsessed with Plants

A new pot can definitely keep the gloom away.
Here are three things we know to be true—succulents can liven up any space, houseplants can purify the air at home and a potted wonder is a décor must-have many homeowners love. There’s no denying the power of these green superstars—they turn

7 Easy Holiday Decorating Hacks By Experts

Update your holiday decor with these useful and affordable tips from an interior designer.
The “Ber” months are in full swing, it’s less than two months before Christmas, and you’re stuck in a decorating rut (or maybe your Christmas décor looks worse for wear). Before you plunk down a lot of money on new decorations, try

This Condo is a Place Where Your Pastel Dreams Are Fulfilled

Cool colors and space-saving furniture turn this studio unit into a bright and Pinterest-worthy home.
We’ve seen a good number of condo units and it’s safe to say that no two spaces are the same. While all homes feature smart layouts, clever furniture picks, and lovely colors, each has its own unique feature that sets it apart

9 Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Home With Greenery

We'll show you how to create an indoor secret garden!
One way to destress, relax, and uplift your spirit during the break is to redecorate and add something fresh indoors. Here are some novel ideas to incorporate a touch of nature inside your home when getting a garden is close to impossible.1.

5 Creative Ways to Decorate With Books

You won't be needing bulky shelves with these ideas.
Even with the rise of e-books, nothing beats the comfort of sitting down with a book that you can actually hold. From paperbacks to graphic novels or magazines, we sometimes find ourselves drowning in piles that could potentially clutter our homes. Luckily, books can

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom Counter

Find the perfect peg that matches your interior style.
One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into a bathroom is by organizing the counter and adding a few well-thought-out details that complete a lovely vignette.A themed setup—consisting of your essentials and charming storage pieces—is enough to brighten up this most-used