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8 Decorating Tips for a Pinterest-Worthy Bedroom

8 Decorating Tips for a Pinterest-Worthy Bedroom
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Turn your dream bedroom into a reality.

If you're a stickler for the #aesthetic life, where better to start than in your own bedroom? After all, there's no better place to get inspired on the daily than in the first and last room you see in your day. That said, we've all imagined the perfect Pinterest-worthy bedroom, a.k.a. one you can take endless photos and lounge around in without getting tired of the view.

Below are eight tips to achieving the Pinterest-worthy bedroom of your dreams:

1. Paint your room white.

Designing an IG-worthy room from scratch? Treat it like a blank canvas by painting it white or a subtle grey color. GraziaDaily says that doing so will result to a cleaner and lighter room. Plus, it adds to the illusion of space, which is best especially for those with tighter spaces to work with.

2. Decorate a bookcase.

Inject the most of your personality through decorative pieces placed on your bookshelf. For a cool styling hack, stack three to six books together before topping them off with your accent piece whether it's a vase, a plant, an art work or a picture frame.


3. Add planters.

Liven up your space with a few planters, best situated on windowsills, bookshelves, or on your bed's sidetable. NBC reports that having greenery in out spaces can make us feel one with nature, effectively inducing a calm and relaxed aura. Remember, there's nothing wrong with getting artifical ones if you weren't gifted with a green thumb.

4. Infuse with colored furniture.

Find statement colored furniture that won't only act as focal points for the eyes, but will also brighten up the room, especially if you do't have much natural light to work with. According to, its best to stick to subtle, pastel colors if you want a "calming and relaxing environment." Don't forget to plan out the furniture you need before buying as overdoing it might take up too much space make your room look smaller.

5. Place a rug on the floor.

When decorating, take the entire room into account. This includes your flooring. suggests to find a "nice chunky rug for a grounding texture."

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6. Make use of decorative mirrors.

Find yourself a decorative mirror that fits the aesthetic you want for your room. Not to mention, mirrors aren't just good visuals, they're also incredibly functional in terms of making your room appear bigger. In an interview with Preview, interior designer Dani Asegurado shares, "The well known trick for small spaces is the use of mirrors because it reflects both natural and artificial lights making a room appear bigger."

7. Decorate the walls.

So as not to end up with tackily styled walls, it's best to only choose one accent wall to decorate. Keep it uniform and settle for one decorative idea, whether you'd rather hang up one large art piece, or create a gallery with a combination of small posters and polaroid photos. You can even hang up tapestry if you're going for a vintage look.

8. Opt for a stylish bed frame.

Space Optmized suggests a timber bed frame if you really want to replicate the IG or Pinterest-worthy bed rooms that can be found online. "Add a plush headboard if you want to inject some warmth and comfort to your room," they further recommend.

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