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Did You Notice How Your Netflix Thumbnails Are Custom-Made for You?

Suddenly, everything makes sense!
Did You Notice How Your Netflix Thumbnails Are Custom-Made for You?
IMAGE Netflix
Suddenly, everything makes sense!

If you spend hours upon hours of aimlessly scrolling through Netflix just like the rest of us, then perhaps you've noticed a constant change in a particular show's thumbnail each time you log back in. Why is this? And why is it that you find your Netflix search feed more visually appealing than that of others?

Apparently, it's because Netflix is trying its best to please you. The streaming site is catering to your personal watch history and adjusting the thumbnails that you see based on what they think will draw you in. For example, someone who's gone on a horror-flick binge as of late may scroll through Riverdale and find a thumbnail that depicts the show as edgy and mysterious, which could therefore pique your interest. Meanwhile, someone else who's fond of LGBT content will be shown a photo of Toni and Cheryl together as the thumbnail, all in the hopes of getting you to give the show a chance.


To find out exactly how Netflix's thumbnail algorithm works, watch the full video below!

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