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This Luxury Resort Offers an Instagram Butler to Take Your Travel Pics

This Luxury Resort Offers an Instagram Butler to Take Your Travel Pics
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/conrad_maldives

In the digital world that we live in, adventures are often validated only when they make it to our Instagram feed—it's carefully planned and curated, designed to look visually appealing both when viewed as a grid and as individual photos. Sure, it’s (fairly) easy to decide on a color palette, but the actual problem lies in who's going to take your own photos, meaning pictures with you in it (get it?). How on earth can you to take your own OOTDs when you find yourself lacking a blogger jowa or a trained friend to snap your pics?

Surely you’ve learned the basic ways to pose. But what if you’re in a solo vacation in a picturesque place such as the Maldives with nothing but a selfie stick?

Conrad Maldives knows the struggle exactly. Hence, they started an Instagram butler service where guests can hire a hotel employee who’s media and photography-savvy to help you with your social media dilemma! Plus, these "Instagram butlers" give out tips on how you can pose with a certain background (because touristy poses won't get that much hearts) and when to take them (hello, golden hour!). Besides, who better to tour you around the island AND take your photos than the locals themselves, right?


The luxury hotel is committed to bringing you a one-of-a-kind experience that involves an "Instagram Trail" where your day’s itinerary is tailored specifically to provide you enough time to snap pictures and to bring you to the best and most unique places to serve as your backdrop.

BRB, already thinking of a witty caption for our next IG vacation post!