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5 Romantic Christmas Movies You Can Binge-Watch on Netflix

Enjoy the holidays with a little romance this year.
5 Romantic Christmas Movies You Can Binge-Watch on Netflix
IMAGE Falling for Christmas/Netflix
Enjoy the holidays with a little romance this year.

Let’s be totally honest, there is no such thing as too many Christmas movies. And what better way to spend your well-deserved holiday break than binge-watching these feel-good films, right? If you’re feeling extra romantic this year, however, we’ve got quite a collection of cheesy rom-coms we know you’ll definitely love. Ahead, we give you a rundown of holiday-themed films for a holly, jolly, romantic Christmas!

5 Holiday-Themed Rom-Coms to Binge-Watch This Christmas

1. Falling for Christmas

Our Y2K rom-com queen is back at it again! This time around, Lindsay Lohan isn’t a troublemaking teenager or the new girl in school, she’s a spoiled heiress who loses her memory in a skiing accident. She then finds herself under the care of a swoon-worthy lodge owner at a small Christmas village, and they manage to fall in love with each other despite their differences.

2. Christmas With You

If you want to watch a movie a la-Music and Lyrics but is set in the holiday season, Christmas With You is the perfect choice. It follows a pop star named Angelina who’s suffering from a career burnout. As she takes a step back from the spotlight in search of inspiration, she finds love along the way. Aww!


3. The Noel Diary

We totally love it when a romance film has a handsome, successful leading man, but it’s even better when he meets an equally amazing and strong-willed female lead! If this type of trope also tickles your fancy, The Noel Diary may be your movie of choice. Do note though: some tears may be shed while watching this film!

4. I Believe in Santa

When a woman who absolutely hates Christmas falls for a man who still believes in Santa, does she accept his love or run for the hills? This feel-good film is perfect for when you’re looking for a light watch over the holidays!

5. Single All the Way

There’s nothing better than a classic best-friends-to-lovers trope, and that’s exactly what this 2021 film has to offer. It follows Peter (Michael Urie) who is tired of his family asking about his relationship status every year, so he asks his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to pretend to be his boyfriend for the holidays. So cute!

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