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Did You Know? Lindsay Lohan Almost Didn't Play Cady Heron in "Mean Girls"

She wanted a totally different role in the film.
Could you imagine Mean Girls without Lindsay Lohan? Neither could we. But apparently, it almost happened, because Lindsay was initially not sold on playing her now-iconic character, Cady Heron.The 35-year-old Hollywood actress told the movie secret in a video for Vogue, where


Cultural highlights in 10 words or less.
1. Lindsay Lohan made the whole world proud. Word count: 72. Jaden Smith goes to prom in a dress.Word count: 83. An anne-bisyosa Anne Curtis poses for Preview.Word count: 74. Leonardo DiCaprio whips out his stick. Word count: 7 5. Our Editor-in-Chief graduated from NYU. Yay!Word

Lindsay Lohan Completes Community Service

Mission impossible? Not for Lohan!
Drama queen Lindsay Lohan just made the whole world proud. Although her reputation is the perennial bad girl (she probably texts her lawyer more than her own mom), Lindsay Lohan proves that it’s time for a change.Lindsay Lohan poses for Wonderland's September

Lindsay Lohan Does "erotic Yoga" To Keep Fit

Lindsay Lohan Does "Erotic Yoga" To Keep Fit
Lindsay Lohan does "erotic yoga" to keep fit. The "Mean Girls" star enjoys practising S Factor—an exercise class which combines pole dancing with pilates and yoga—as the "sensual" movements help her maintain her figure while building her confidence. She told Into The Gloss, "Everyone

Lindsay Lohan Is Launching A Menswear Collection With Civil Clothing

Lindsay Lohan Is Launching A Menswear Collection With Civil Clothing
It looks like David Beckham isn't the only one launching fashion label because 28-year-old actress, Lindsay Lohan, who is getting her life and career back on track after six stints in rehab and numerous legal issues, is also set to release a menswear

Looking Back At Lindsay's Roots

We look through the shades of the birthday girl's tresses.
A lawsuit isn’t exactly what a girl would ask for on her 28th birthday (or any other birthday at that,) then again Lindsay Lohan isn’t exactly your average girl either. Last December, LiLo takes the gaming world by storm as she calls

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Get in, loser. We're going shopping!
Ten years ago, we felt that we’ve been personally victimized by Regina George and her army of skanks. You’re totally lying if you said you didn’t love it. Who didn’t? It’s safe to say that Mean Girls has captured our generation so perfectly well

13 Things We Fished Out Of Coachella

See what went down under the California sun as the mother of music fests just ended last weekend.
As much as we’d like to soak up some sun while listening to great music, other obligations kept us in sunny Manila instead. But lucky for us, our favorite celebs couldn’t help but share what went down for weekend #2 of Coachella.Hippies

Lindsay Lohan Reveals She Had A Miscarriage

Lindsay Lohan Reveals She Had a Miscarriage
On the finale of her docu-series, Lindsay, Lohan confesses to having a miscarriage during the filming of her show. The series, which started filming four days after the star's sixth stint in rehab, follows Lohan's road to recovery, promising drama at every

Watch Lindsay Lohan And David Letterman Pull A Prank On Oprah

Watch Lindsay Lohan and David Letterman prank Oprah
During her appearance for the late night talk show, Lindsay Lohan decided to get her new pal Oprah on the phone. The call started out with David Letterman posing as Lindsay's secretary and ended with Oprah praising Lindsay's efforts on turning her

Kira Plastinina For Lindsay Lohan

The young Russian designer collaborates with Hollywood's infamous It girl.
Lindsay Lohan is up to something new. It’s certainly not a case of nontroversy, rather, an interesting bit of good news.The Hollywood star recently partnered with young, Russian designer, Kira Plastinina for a capsule line designed for the actress within the brand’s