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Here's What the Celebrities Would Do If They Won the Lottery

How about you? What would YOU do with one billion pesos?
Here's What the Celebrities Would Do If They Won the Lottery
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How about you? What would YOU do with one billion pesos?

With the lottery prize reaching a new high—a whopping one billion pesos, to be exact—we can't help but imagine all sorts of things that we could do if we won the jackpot. And so, just for fun, we asked Preview girls to answer our hypothetical question: What would you do with the money should you win the lottery prize? Read on and find out how everyone answered!


"I’d probably give three-quarters to a few of the charities I support and use the last quarter to make sure all my family members and myself are taken care of, to settle down, and to start my own charity organization!" — Leila Alcasid, Singer

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"I would budget the money as follows: P250M for a historical fantasy action epic (à la Sin City) loosely based on the lives of the three women who made the Philippine flag starring Nadine Lustre, Liza Soberano, and Kathryn Bernardo because it’s about time we have films about Philippine history! [I would allocate] P250M to buy land and convert them into public parks across the city like what Julia Roberts did in Notting Hill; P100M to fund LGBTQ+ film projects; P200M for satellite projects in public schools to educate about LGBTQ+ and women’s rights; P100M to set up an LGBTQ+ Support hotline; and P100M set aside for family and friends." — Sam Lee, Film Director


"We will go to each luxury store who questioned our purchasing power ('yung mga stores na kakapasok mo palang, alam na nila nalalabas ka rin agad pagnakita ang price tag) at magpapaypay kami ng salapi sa harap nila. But of course, we won’t buy.  Manigas sila! Hindi sila makaka-quota!" — The Soshal Network

"I would buy a cabin in the mountains in Europe where I could build a farm and produce my own food and then put up a wellness center nearby with meditation, workouts, and self-love classes. And then I’d build a free hospital in Manila like Patch Adams’ free hospital and put swings and slides for kids, and then try to save some money and invest it to make it grow. And I would buy a horse for my backyard...Okay, I’m too into it. And then I’d try to make friends with Beyonce by hiring her to sing at my birthday as a surprise for all my guests." — Isabelle Daza, Actress


"[I would] travel, build my business to the fullest of my expectations, put some aside for future family, and donate to charity." — Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Actress

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"If I won the P1-billion lottery prize, first, I would definitely hoard many many many books to read. Second, I would put aside money for priorities (business, family, house, future, charity, etc.) and third, I will travel!" —  Bianca Umali, Actress


"OMG! One billion?! That’s more money than I would ever need...ever! But I would definitely buy my parents a house, somewhere really peaceful. Travel the whole world with my parents! Have my own business. I’ll also give to my chosen charity. And save up for my family’s future." — Chie Filomeno, Actress

"I’d probably first buy a house for me and my parents then invest in a business or put up my own furniture store (one of my dreams!). I’d also support the NCCA or start my own foundation that supports, restores, and maintains our cultural and architectural heritage." — Bea Marin, Fashion Blogger

"Make the world a better place!" — Laureen Uy, Fashion Blogger


"I’d use it on my wedding and future family home. Then help my parents out by giving them a share. I’ll donate to my fave charity too. And finally, save and invest the rest." — Camille Co, Fashion Blogger

"Shop, shop, shop! Kidding. Honestly, I’d buy a  huuuuge farm far from the city and a huge bus only to go around the city and pick up all the caged, neglected street dogs. I will bring them to the farm where they can be fed, taken care of, and enjoy their doggo life." — Issa Pressman, Social Media Influencer

"I think the first thing I’d do is put a portion of it in an investment account then put up my own business. I’d also love to donate to charity. And of course, afterwards, do some major shopping and traveling." — Jeline Catt, Fashion Blogger



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