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Billy Has the Best Reaction to Netizens Making Fun of His Prenup Outfit

"Stylist is dead." LOL!
Billy Has the Best Reaction to Netizens Making Fun of His Prenup Outfit
IMAGE INSTAGAM/billycrawford
"Stylist is dead." LOL!

Last weekend, Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford shared photos from their pre-nup shoot in Ethiopia, in which the couple posed in outfits with various prints and colors to match the location. Shortly after the photos went viral, people began posting online the items they owned that looked strikingly similar to a floral coat that Billy wore. Injecting humor into the whole situation, the groom-to-be himself shared the photos on his own Instagram account. There were bags, couches, and pillows, just to name a few!

Some also shared photos of items with similar prints to what Coleen was wearing, and Billy reposted those, too:

You have to admit, the similarities are uncanny. Even Regine Velasquez, a friend of the celebrity couple, joined in on the fun. She shared this photo of herself hugging a pillow in the now-controversial fabric, saying it somehow reminded her of the TV host.

But of course, Billy had the best response:


Needless to say, Billy's reaction to the posts was a positive clapback to the negativity. Instead of going on the defensive, his fun personality took over by "[seeing] the good and even the humor" in the photos, as the shoot's stylist Adrianne Concepcion thought it should rightfully be.

Now we're wondering if we, too, might own something similar at home! Let's all go the positive route, shall we?