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We Asked Celebrities for Their Most Recommended Filipino Films on Netflix

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We Asked Celebrities for Their Most Recommended Filipino Films on Netflix
IMAGE Birdshot/Netflix, INSTAGRAM/misizacalzado, Hintayan ng Langit/Netflix, INSTAGRAM/jascurtissmith
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There's no better feeling than consuming and celebrating the best our own local cinema has to offer. Though we still can't enjoy them in theaters, Netflix thankfully has a few gems on their library that Pinoy's can appreciate right away. To help you filter through your options, below we asked celebrities and influencers for their most recommended Filipino films that are currently available on the streaming site.

Iza Calzado 

“I like Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wifi. I saw this in the cinema before during Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino and was delightfully surprised by how much I liked the film. Good cinematography, casting and storytelling. I was crying at the end of it. (The voice sa Waze is my voice! Hahaha!)

“Birdshot was the first Mikhail Red film I watched. A story of injustice executed beautifully and powerfully. Pamilya Ordinaryo was also so heartbreakingly raw and real, it can be a tough watch but the lives of people living in marginalized sectors are still hard, so to even get a glimpse of what they go through, I feel, is necessary to keep us in check.

“Lastly, Starting Over Again because I love Piolo Pascual, because Toni Gonzaga is the best at what she does, and I love her too, and because this movie made me known as Mama Mary.”

PHOTO BY Birdshot/Netflix, INSTAGRAM/misizacalzado

Bianca Umali

“My favorite Filipino movie on Netflix would be Through Night and Day of Alessandra De Rossi and Paolo Contis. It’s beautifully painful with so much heart and soul. Worth watching. Worth experiencing. Worth crying for.”

PHOTO BY INSTAGRA/bianxa, Through Night and Day/Netflix

Jasmine Curtis Smith

“As of the moment, I still can’t get over Heaven's Waiting (Hintayan ng Langit). It speaks of a certain love that never fades even beyond our existence and I always LOVE watching or hearing stories about someone's past and what they decided to turn that into for their future.”

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PHOTO BY Hintayan ng Langit/Netflix, INSTAGRAM/jascurtissmith

Ariella Arida 

“I would choose Kita Kita. Seeing it again on Netflix has flickered the same kind of emotions I've felt the first time I've seen it on the big screen. It’s an unconventional movie with its unusual cinematography that turned out to be beautiful. It made me realize that love sometimes comes from the most unexpected time and place, and that both love and life are not always like a fairy tale. If you’re looking for a refreshingly different rom-com movie that’s hard to forget, Kita Kita is your best bet. Kudos to the actors, Empoy Marquez, Alessandra De Rossi (who also stars on Through Night and Day, which I highly recommend too) and the director Sigrid Andrea Bernardo.”

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/araarida, Kita Kita/Viva Films

Shaira Luna

“Was happy to see a couple of my favorite movies on Netflix! Among them are Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa Wi-Fi and Kita Kita. I'm not one to get emotional by watching movies, but these two made us cry in the movie theater! They are both heart-warming and have unique stories.”

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/shairaluna, Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wifi/Netflix

Vince Uy

“Heneral Luna because I’m a fan of movies based on history. I love the cinematography of the film and the perfect story-telling of history (balanced with snippets of fiction) portrayed in the film. Another favorite is Buy Bust. It’s an excellent film. Great casting, storyline and cinematography as well—very raw and stylized at the same time. Love the scoring too!”

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/vince_uy, Heneral Luna/Quantum Films

Julie Anne San Jose

“I actually have a lot. One of my favorites would be Kita Kita. Very unique, interesting, and beautifully crafted. It shows us that love is truly selfless, honest, patient and unconditional.”

PHOTO BY INSTAGRA/myjaps, Kita Kita/Viva Films

Lissa Kahayon

“Eerie. I love horror/psych thriller movies and I loved the cinematography of the movie. I don’t usually expect a lot from horror movies but I was fairly satisfied with this one. I also like She’s Dating the Gangster. I ugly cried during and after watching this movie! Prepare to bawl your eyes out haha!”

“There’s also Through Night and Day. Just watched this last weekend and didn’t expect to be so triggered LOL! And if you’re dreaming of going to Iceland then that’s another reason to watch this movie.”

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/lissakahayon, Eerie/Star Cinema

Patricia Prieto

“I’ve just recently watched UnTrue and honestly, I was blown away. Both the story and cinematography were amazing. Another favorite of mine is Bride For Rent because it’s a funny and feel good movie! Oh and it’s definitely a plus that I make a small cameo in it, and it feels cool knowing that I’m in a movie on Netflix!”

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/patriciaprieto, UnTrue/Netflix

Janeena Chan

"Really enjoy Sarah Geronimo's films actually! They're fun and quirky, epecially the Miss Granny remake!"

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/janeenachan, Viva Films

Casey Merritt

"Pamilya Ordinaryo is a story told from the eyes of two teenage parents living on the streets looking for their stolen baby. I find the actors' performances great along with the script-writing that paid attention to the smallest details. The film depicts reality of the unprivileged and is a must-watch for everyone. "


"Four Sisters and a Wedding however, has been my go-to movie for years! I never get tired of the comedy and drama and the love shared by the Salazar family. The cast made a great contribution to the success of the film and could not think of better actors suited for the roles, they gave life to the iconic lines we still memorize from years ago!"


PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/caseymerritttt, Pamilya Ordinaryo/Netflix

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