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This Luxury Resort in Palawan Will Soon Be the Philippines’ First Mosquito-Free Island

This Luxury Resort in Palawan Will Soon Be the Philippines’ First Mosquito-Free Island
IMAGE Banwa Private Island
The project doesn’t use harmful pesticides, either!

Picturesque vacations aren’t always what they seem to be. Behind the scenes of envied 'grams are the pesky side-effects that don’t end up on screen—which, sometimes, can even be harmful. Exhibit A? Mosquitos during island jaunts.

But one holiday spot seeks to eradicate that while aiming to maintain a precious and fragile biodiversity. On the shores of Roxas, Palawan lies the Banwa Private Island, a luxury destination also on track to become the Philippines’ first mosquito-free island.

What we know so far about Banwa Private Island’s Zero Mosquito Project

The “Zero Mosquito Project” is a long-term program in collaboration with Culex Maldives, the company that has managed sustainable insecticide-free management in the famous island country.

While the most common method of mosquito control in tropical islands is “fogging” with insecticides, Banwa Private Island’s project hopes to veer off its harmful effects by employing mosquito traps instead. Designed by German company Biogents, the trap works by luring mosquitos with scents that usually attract them, including the odor of human skin, breath, and sweat. With this method, humans and non-targeted flora and fauna won’t also be affected.


Culex Maldives’ medical entomologist Bart GJ Knols calls this a “green and sustainable alternative” to mosquito control, citing that they’ve been able to even eradicate invasive insects like the disease-carrying Asian Tiger Mosquito in the Maldives.

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We can’t wait to visit!

For more information, contact Banwa Private Island’s reservations team through mobile/WhatsApp +639178882864, send an email to, or visit

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