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Avocado 101 with Lauren Reid

Plus, a quick and yummy snack recipe!
Avocado 101 with Lauren Reid
IMAGE Jericson Jabar
Plus, a quick and yummy snack recipe!

Avocados...Where do I start?! Aside from all the many health benefits that come with this beautiful fruit, it is just SO delicious and so, so versatile! Filipinos love eating it sweet, whereas I've come to love it savory. My father would make us avocado on toast as children, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner—it was avocados all day, every day. 

I've planted three successfully grown avocado seeds and am currently growing another two! I'm not the crazy cat lady—I'm the passionate avocado girl trying to make the world a happier, healthier, and greener place. That said, for my last post as's celebrity guest editor for February, allow me to teach you a quick avocado recipe along with some fast facts about this yummy fruit!

Video by Jericson Jabar

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