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10 Cute Aesthetic Lamps to Light Up Your Room

10 Cute Aesthetic Lamps to Light Up Your Room
IMAGE Ben & Bart, Harper & Harlow
One of everything, please.

Beyond aiding in taking high quality Instagram photos and selfies, good lighting plays an important role in contributing to the atmosphere of our spaces. It can even transform the mood or result in productivity and work efficiency. As a decorative element, the more aesthetic ones can even help add some personality to your room. If you're especially aiming for the latter, below we round up 10 cute lamps that are sure to brighten your day.

1. Mood Lamp 

Similar to Kendall Jenner’s $750,000 James Turrell light sculpture, this one’s a great dupe and for way less the price, too. It completely changes the mood of your room. 

PHOTO BY Shop Poppy

Mood Lamp, P1899, SHOP POPPY,

2. Nijiko Floor Lamp 

LED lights have gotten quite popular thanks to TikTok. If you love what you’ve being seeing on the app but want a version that doesn't require you to install them onto your walls, this floor lamp might do just the trick. It’s perfect for corners as well!  

PHOTO BY Shop Poppy

Nijiko Floor Lamp, P3845, SHOP POPPY,

3. Eureka Lamp 

If you’re going for a vintage yet minimalist look for your room, this lightbulb lamp might be a cute addition to your desk.  

PHOTO BY Shop Poppy

Eureka Lamp, P599, SHOP

4. Corinthian Lamp

This candle lamp is totally giving us major Bridgerton vibes! Plus if you’re not a fan of actual candles, this might be the alternative for you. 

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PHOTO BY Shop Poppy

Corinthian Lamp, P359, SHOP POPPY,

5. Pearl Night Lamp 

This Pearl Night Lamp is both trendy and adorable and comes in two colors: pearl white and rose pink. 

PHOTO BY Ben & Bart

Pearl Night Lamp, P1650, BEN & BART,

6. Luna Moon Lamp Humidifier 

Astronomy geeks, get the best of both worlds with this moon lamp that doubles as a humidifier. Now, who wouldn't want that?

PHOTO BY Ben & Bart

Luna Moon Lamp Humidifier, P1250, BEN &

7. Woof Accent Lamp 

For all the dog-lovers out there, this cute decorative piece might be the accent you’re looking for. It comes in different breed designs as well, including a corgi, pug, dachshund, and a Boston terrier. 

PHOTO BY Harper & Harlow

Woof Accent Lamp, P3850, HARPER AND HARLOW,

8. Worm Lamp 

Light up your room with this worm lamp! It’s equal parts fun and unconventional, yet all parts functional. 

PHOTO BY Rotten Mermaid Studio


9. Nordic Glass Lamp 

Looking for an aesthetically pleasing lamp while keeping your minimalist, Nordic theme intact? This glass lamp is a chic option you might want to consider.  

PHOTO BY Rotten Mermaid Studio

Nordic Glass Lamp, P1850, ROTTEN MERMAID

10.  Rattan Lamp 

If rattan is a present element in your bedroom, why not complete it with an origami lamp, too? Not to mention, it will definitely tie the whole room together. 

PHOTO BY Rotten Mermaid Studio

Rattan Lamp, P1850, ROTTEN MERMAID

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