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These Stylish Solihiya Desk Organizers Will Spruce Up Your Home Office

Because minimalist all-white spaces aren't for everyone.
Though companies are slowly encouraging employees to return to the office as restrictions loosen up and Metro Manila remains under Alert Level 1, most folks still prefer to work from home. After all, nine-to-fivers and freelancers alike have spent about two years

5 IG Shops for Aesthetic Framed Posters to Personalize Your Bedroom

Curate your own "art gallery" at home with these posters!
In spite of the whopping prices, appreciating art is still a priceless experience. Whether it be a striking piece from an art gallery, a life-changing movie, or a photo of long-time celebrity crush, nothing beats the inspiration you get from constantly seeing

This IG Shop Has the Chicest Items for a Minimalist Room

Their pieces are influencer-approved too!
We all know how easy it is to be demotivated, especially after we've been staring at our devices for long grueling hours. Which is why a comfortable working space that's also easy on the eyes is a must-have, considering most of us

This Wavy Mirror Is the Funky Statement Piece Your Room Needs

Add this to your selfie nook at home.
Like a flash from the past, the ‘80s retro aesthetic has been slowly coming back into the disco light. With clothes from almost 40 years ago hitting mainstream once again, it was only a matter of time before the inside of our

4 Local Online Shops to Buy Marble Home Decor and Furniture

Upgrade your home with these eye-catching items.
There’s no universally loved stone quite like marble. Synonymous with luxury and glamour, it has quickly become everyone’s go-to for decorating their homes. Although the top-of-mind type of marble is the popular white-and-gray kind, it actually comes in such a wide range

It's Official! IKEA's Online Store Is Now Open and Will Run 24/7

The site began its test-run in September.
We're weeks away from the highly anticipated unveiling of IKEA's first-ever store in the Philippines, which has no official opening date, but is set to open some time towards the end of 2021—fingers crossed that we won't be seeing anymore delays. In

6 Best Plants for the Bedroom and Their Health Benefits

Plants aren't just for prettifying your home. They offer plenty of health benefits too!
Plantita or not, it’s easy to understand why a lot of people enjoy taking care of indoor plants. Not only do they add a fresher look to your home, but they also provide therapeutic benefits for their owners. That said, it’s important

This Pinoy Transformed an Old Water Tank Into a Cozy Tiny Home

A lot of parents (and people) had to be more creative and resourceful during this pandemic.
When you put together an old water tank and a bodega what do you get? Dad and real estate owner Ronald “Tonton” Tan said you get a tiny house.“‘Yung Tank House talaga is a story to tell,” he said in a Summit

7 Chic Ways to Use Your Wardrobe as Home Decor

Step up your home’s style with these classy organizing hacks.
What better way to store your favorite clothing than to use it as home decor? Seriously, it’s hitting two birds with one stone. Not only are you organizing your wardrobe, but you’re also adding more personality to your pad!Whether you’re aiming for

8 Cool Details We Loved in Niana Guerrero's "TikTok Room"

The purple theme is making us rethink our color scheme!
As one of the most promising social media stars in her generation, you can expect Niana Guerrero to be on top of the latest trends. If her cop-worthy sneaker collection isn't enough to prove it, then her bedroom might.ICYMI, Niana shared her official room tour