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Addie Manzano Has the Coolest Collection of Floaties

Addie Manzano Has the Coolest Collection of Floaties Pool around with these cute summer accessories!

The train labeled “ber months” has already left the station, which means summer will come knocking on your doors before you know it. And if you’re planning on a fun getaway soon, just don’t forget to scribble down “cute floatie” on top of your checklist. Because, in case you haven’t noticed, it’s the new must-have for a picture perfect summer vacay.

Need some more convincing? Well, we grabbed some photos from Addie Manzano’s Instagram account to prove our point. Trust us, this rising model and her cool collection of inflatables will make you want to jump in the pool, stat!

She has a giant inflatable pretzel big enough to fit her plus two other friends.


And whenever she feels like it, she can go sunbathing on her white swan.

A slice of pizza, anyone?

If that’s not enough, how about a pink glazed donut?

watch now

Look! We spotted her riding a dolphin, too.

And yup, that’s totally a giant tortoise in the picture.

“Mango shake and a popsicle to cool off!”


Obviously, a pink flip-flop is a summer must-have, as well.

Ugh. This inflatable watermelon is the cutest thing ever!

And the latest addition to her ever-growing collection? Why, yes, a unicorn. We're so seriously green with envy right now.

Photos via @addie.manzano on Instagram

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