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Check Out These Local Celebs and Their Floaties

They just go with the float!
Inflatable toys are officially the new summer must-have! In case you haven’t noticed, these uber cute pool accessories are already taking the Instagram world by storm, even your favorite celebrities and bloggers are obsessed.Want to step up your IG game this summer?

Addie Manzano Has the Coolest Collection of Floaties

Pool around with these cute summer accessories!
The train labeled “ber months” has already left the station, which means summer will come knocking on your doors before you know it. And if you’re planning on a fun getaway soon, just don’t forget to scribble down “cute floatie” on top

6 Artista Daughters To Watch Out For

Remember their names.
These fashionable girls might have gotten used to the attention focused on their famous celebrity parents, but this time around, it's their turn in the spotlight. We round up six artista daughters whose surnames would definitely ring a bell. They're smart, talented,

10 Witty Girls On Instagram

Be warned: These ladies might make pun of you.
Think it's enough to have a well-styled #OOTD plus the perfect backdrop to score that insta-like? Well, these fashion girls certainly don't think so! From Preview editors to celebrities and style bloggers, we round up a list of witty ladies whose Instagram

How Celebs And Fashionphiles Style Their Christmas Tree

Because your Christmas décors are just as important as your holiday #OOTDs.
Just a few more days before Christmas, people! We don’t know about you, but we can certainly feel the holiday spirit everywhere we turn to. Joyful carols are being played from across the street and even our favorite malls are decked with

Philippine Fashion Week Spring/summer 2015: Front Row Faves

These ladies didn't just sit and watch. They stole the show.
The Philippine Fashion Week may have already ended, but you know us in Style Bible, we can’t just easily forget a badass outfit once it has already caught our attention. Apart from the many scene stealers who walked down the runway, we

These Girls Are On Our Radar

Check out what makes Samantha Rodriguez, Addie Manzano, and Dominique Cojuanco so special.
During the unveiling of Bench’s newest whitening line, three celebrity daughters stepped up as the Bench family’s newest set of endorsers. First up was Dominique Cojuanco, the daughter of prominent business tycoon Tonyboy Cojuanco and actress Gretchen Barretto. Though the Fashion Design