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This Is What A Preview-Designed Home Would Look Like

A room of one's own.
This Is What A Preview-Designed Home Would Look Like
IMAGE Arlene Sy
A room of one's own.

Welcome home! Let us show you what happens when three interior designers dress up a Preview pad in three of 2017's biggest trends. Fashion that goes beyond the closet and into the entire space? Now that's living in style.


IMAGE Arlene Sy


Interior designer Erika Uichanco makes any monochromatic backdrop come alive by matching it with refined lines and geometric shapes. Her command of minimalism is inspired by a strong Nordic aesthetic, and her numerous work for various residential, retail and commercial projects has resulted in a portfolio that is both industrial and chic. A regular contributor for Real Living magazine, Erika likes to ensure that her designs are functional before applying personal touches to every home. In her rendering of the tulle trend, she took inspiration from its grace and femininity, extending it to the color palette of the living room. She used tulle as a texture to soften other elements, mixing various finishes to create a dreamy space. She pairs a marble wall with metal finishes of rose gold, copper and gold foil, and uses plush textures like velvet to complement the tulle. “Just like how [tulle] is used in fashion, I wanted to use [it] sparingly and mix it with other fabrics and textures. Tulle is often paired with a stronger, more dominant piece, and it adds softness to the entire look. I took [its] sheerness [via] high ceilings and huge windows, making way for an airy, well-lit and wellventilated space. There is a subtle sexiness to it.”

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IMAGE Arlene Sy


When it comes to design, Vianca Añonuevo, one of the creative honchos behind Empire Designs, refuses to just ride along with the trends of the season. Graduating at the top of her class at the Philippine School of Interior Design, her eye for classic design is undeniable in her work. “We continue to give clients a timeless, elegant design—understated luxury. Something that we feel will stand the test of time.” Empire Designs has become known for chic and contemporary designs, elevating spaces into something of grandeur with a play of texture, shine and color. Their portfolio boasts numerous projects for residential apartments, including Alveo units, Serendra and The Residences at Greenbelt.   

In Vianca’s interpretation of this season’s maximalist ’80s trend, she sets up a stunning dining room that evokes the glamorous essence of the era without being gaudy. By combining bold patterns with classically luxurious finishes, it becomes a work that is truly her own. Here, she uses patterned stone flooring to echo the decade’s penchant for loud prints and accents the room with a black marquina marble and white onyx wall lined with brass trims, which is her personal touch of elegance to the otherwise bold design. She also uses distressed mirrors to add depth to the space, warm lighting around a matte gold wallpaper, and droplights that add even more opulence to the space.     


This ability to communicate a very specific look without veering away from class and modish grace is what Vianca and Empire Designs are truly known for.


IMAGE Arlene Sy


Pai Edles and Misty Floro—the duo behind the edgy design firm Morfosis—quotes none other than Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong when they describe their punkinspired bedroom. Set in an industrial warehouse-type space, they imagine that their client would enjoy the fringe atmosphere of this abode.     

“The punk culture emerged as a reaction to authority,” explains Pai and Misty of the cult underground movement whose core philosophies revolved around absolute individualism and rebellion. Their design concept takes the movement’s fashion staple, the leather jacket, as an inspiration and translates some of its elements into the bedroom.     

“The most striking element of the space is that the sleeping area is side by side with our punk girl’s car, one of her most prized possessions—a Toyota Supra customized with metal studs resembling a mohawk. A little dangerous, a little risqué, but true to the punk ideology, our punk girl is not one to follow conventions.”     

Be it in the bold patterns and quirky accents of their apartment do-overs or the balance of striking graphics with clean lines in their restaurant work, their stylish approach to a minimalist aesthetic is what ultimately draws in their clients. The duo says that applying the Spring/Summer 2017 punk trend to their interior design was easy, as defying convention has always been at the helm of Morfosis’ work. “We always try to go against the norm with our designs. We don’t follow trends, but instead try to produce intelligent designs that answer the needs of our clients.” 

This article was originally published in the April 2017 issue of Preview Magazine.