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Here's Where You Can Get One-of-a-Kind Carpets Painted by Solenn Huessaff

Each one is specially made unique for your home.
From the canvas, to swimsuits, Solenn Heusaff now takes her gorgeous works of art to your home interior with one-of-a-kind carpets, in her recent collaboration with printmaker Studio Soliven.First launched late last year,  Solenn gave us a peek at the newest additions to her

This Filipina Exhibited Her Upcycled Furniture at Paris Design Week

Willie Garcia is an interior designer and eco-warrior.
Paris Design Week  is the go-to event in France to see the latest trends in fashion, furniture, product design, and even food.That said, we were thrilled to find out that a Filipina interior and furniture designer (and one of Real Living’s 25

Here Are the A-List Local Celebrities' Favorite Home Designers

These interior designers make the stars' home fantasies come true.
Celebrities are a discerning bunch when it comes to having their homes built. With their high-profile lifestyles and busy schedules, they need interior designers and decorators who are professional and can keep up with their sophisticated, high-end, and often flamboyant tastes. Here

5 Tips to Help You Achieve a Stylish Walk-in Closet

Even a compact space can be transformed into your own personal boutique.
When it comes to maximizing extra rooms at home, homeowners get creative and carve out dens, home offices, and storage nooks. Aside from these three options, many often turn unused spaces into chic walk-in closets where they can keep and organize their

These Photos Will Convince You to Have an All-White Bedroom

Feel like you're on cloud nine the moment you step into your personal space.
Nothing quite compares to a clean, relaxing, and cozy bedroom. While you can always take a power nap in the living area or sneak in a few minutes of shut-eye in a snug spot in your home, the bedroom is still the

How to Set the Table for Brunch, According to Ito Kish

This just might be the year of at-home entertaining.
If the word “tablescape” making it into the Preview girl lexicon is proof of one thing, it’s that this just might be the year of at-home entertaining. Besides, there’s something grown up about having guests over, no? Here we ask a few

5 Ways To Make Small Spaces Look Elegant

Architect and designer Allen Oblena dishes out tips on how to turn your compact home into a luxurious abode.
Achieving a high-end looking home can be a challenge, especially if you have limited room to style. However, just because there are a few decorating speed bumps, it doesn't mean it's impossible to get your tiny home looking expensive. If you're ready

This Tropical-Inspired Dream Home Is Perfect for a Young Couple

So Pinterest-worthy!
“We knew we wanted a clean and bright house with lots of wood elements. We don’t have children yet so we weren’t worried about [having] white walls and furniture,” shares RJ, who shares this lovely home with his wife, Louise. Since Louise’s

This Is What A Preview-Designed Home Would Look Like

A room of one's own.
Welcome home! Let us show you what happens when three interior designers dress up a Preview pad in three of 2017's biggest trends. Fashion that goes beyond the closet and into the entire space? Now that's living in style.ERIKA UICHANCOIMAGE Arlene SyInterior

This Design Exhibit Feels Like Visiting a Chic Stranger's Home

Jaws will definitely drop.
Wouldn't it be amazing if all opulently-designed homes were open to the public? It'd be like walking through a Pinterest board IRL. Unfortunately, security issues might keep that one a dream. Which is why until then, exhibits will be the next best

14 Fashion, Beauty and Styling Workshops You Can Enroll in This Summer

Learn something new!
Don't let summer slip away without learning something new! Get ready to be creative and productive with the latest summer course offerings from the School of Fashion and Arts (SoFA). Mark your calendars and enroll now!FashionBag ConstructionIMAGE FACEBOOK/sofadesigninstituteCourse Description: The course is an eight-week

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Work Desk

...without breaking the bank!
You spend an average of eight hours a day nestled in your office cubicle. That’s 40 hours a week, 160 hours a month, nearly 2,000 hours a get it. It’d be an investment, really, if you took the time to make

5 Creative Ways to Decorate With Books

You won't be needing bulky shelves with these ideas.
Even with the rise of e-books, nothing beats the comfort of sitting down with a book that you can actually hold. From paperbacks to graphic novels or magazines, we sometimes find ourselves drowning in piles that could potentially clutter our homes. Luckily, books can

7 Scented Candles to Help You Relax When You’re Stressed

Come and rest your bones.
Nothing feels more relaxing than filling your home with a comforting scent as you rest your weary bones after a day’s toil. Candles, after all, bridge the gap between what sits on top of your vanity dresser and your kitchen counter top.

5 Ideas to Steal From Celebrity Bathrooms

Give your bathroom a makeover!
After a long and stressful day, what do you look forward to the most? Some of us prefer a good meal, others would love to shop, while there are those who welcome the thought of a relaxing bath.To be able to enjoy