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7 Inspiring Youtube Channels to Help You Renew Yourself for 2021

Time to kiss 2020 goodbye properly!
7 Inspiring Youtube Channels to Help You Renew Yourself for 2021
Time to kiss 2020 goodbye properly!

Let’s face it, we're still in denial that 2020 flew past just like that. The mental toll from the world stopping its course and forcing us to be alone (quite literally) have left most of us feeling underwhelmed. On the bright side though, this year became a huge eye-opener to all that’s around us and everything we just discovered about ourselves—but our journey doesn’t end here. Despite the uncertainty the New Year brings, we all love and live for progress! 

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Below, we’ve collected 7 inspiring YouTube videos to help you get started on renewing yourself for the year 2021!

1. Rowena Tsai 

If you’re on the hunt for a new channel that’s focused on personal development, Rowena Tsai will be your next favorite YouTuber. She’s been doing her reset videos since 2018 but for this upcoming New Year, she’s starting an interactive 5-week reflection challenge that is intentionally designed to give you a headstart on setting good mindset habits and systems.


In her Week 1 challenge video, she asks you to write down your small wins—from the things that went well, to everything you learned and overcame, to the things you’re proud of and did for yourself—before reminding you to celebrate every single one of them. Additionally, she also provides self-help book recommendations to help you in case you learn better that way.

2. Muchelleb

Michelle of Muchelleb is a lifestyle content creator you might already know, especially if you’re an avid watcher of productivity videos. Her compassionate yet practical approach on how to live an intentional life is what sets her apart from the rest.

In her recent video, she talks about structuring a theme as your guide in planning your best year ever in 2021. She also discusses all the ways you can commit to your chosen theme, where you create an effective vision board for clarity, and plan experiences at home. Aside from this, much like Rowena, she’s also doing a series of reset videos!

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3. Caitlin's Corner

Are you the type of person that makes their financial position your top priority as the new year comes in? Caitlin Da Silva’s take on healthy money habits might be the perfect video for you. 

Aside from her weekly vlogs and journal spreads, she shares her process on how to start building your savings. From reviewing your current expenses, to dealing with “spending guilt,” to budget tips and templates, to resisting impulse purchases (yes, we’re guilty of online shopping sales, too)—Caitlin will help you maintain and reach your financial goals!

4. Marie Forleo

Since we’ve spent the majority of this year in quarantine either working remotely or studying through online classes, it’s easy to end up feeling like we’re not going anywhere or being productive at all. 

Named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation, Marie Forleo is more than willing to help you succeed in your life and business ventures. With her video about feeling unaccomplished, you’ll hopefully gain the courage to look at failure in the face and treat it as a starting point for growing into your best self.


5. Kelly Stamps

Need a no-frills advice guru? We present to you rising YouTuber, Kelly Stamps. This year has pushed us to our limits and it’s about time that someone like Kelly tell it to us straight. She discusses how she stays motivated and remains unbothered by shutting off social media, not expecting so much out of people, and by living to please yourself (and only yourself). 

6. Amy Lee

In matters of saying goodbye to negative energies, we should all make room for apologizing to people we’ve hurt, and for the things we’ve done wrong, big or small. Known for giving intergenerational healing and mental health talks, Amy Lee offers her popular getting ready with me, plus self-growth video series The AM with Amy to all underserved communities such as the LGBTQ+ youth and BIPOC+. 

In this video, she breaks down all the reasons why apologies are important, and how to communicate it well even if it's difficult. Besides, it’s better to have a clean slate so you can begin again without a heavy heart.


7. Lana Blakely

Lana Blakely is another video content creator who does not shy away from addressing the fact that change demands letting go. In this video, she teaches us how to part ways with gratitude, peace, and grace, and introduces the philosophical phenomenon peak-end rule by Daniel Kahneman. After all, sometimes you need to let go of the old stuff so you can create space for new things to come into the next chapter of your life.

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