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7 Gifts to Inspire Your Best Self in 2017

Simply because you deserve it.
7 Gifts to Inspire Your Best Self in 2017
Simply because you deserve it.

Your mom? Check! Your dad? Check! Your bestfriends? Of course, check! But wait! You forgot to include yourself on the list. Well, that’s not a surprise because every holiday season, we spend most of our time trying to figure out what our loved ones want and we tend to set ourselves aside. We buy thoughtful gifts for our siblings and our parents, we give fancy mugs and candles to everyone else. But what about yourself? You've had a long, tough year, and you survived it! The year is done and you deserve a prize. Here’s a list of gifts that you can reward yourself with.

1. Gym Membership


Be your best self this 2017 and what better way to show yourself the love you deserve than with improving your body through exercise. So if you want to be tougher and stronger than before, get yourself a gym membership.

2. Pottery/Calligraphy Class


Learning new hobbies is one of the best ways to get closer to that “new you.” Enroll in a great avenue to spend your time. Why not take pottery classes? You can also try calligraphy classes, which are getting trendy nowadays. Also remember that it is more fun when you do it with your besties.

3. Camera


Looking for the perfect gift for the snaphappy girl in you? Look no further. This Fujifilm instax is one of the best choices out there.  Plus, it is perfect for curating your Instagram account. You can take selfies, too! Because, why not? 

4. Luxury Sheets and Pillows

It is not a myth that a good night’s sleep is highly possible with a set of fluffy and comfy pillows. You deserve that kind of rest, especially since the past year has been extra exhausting. Go splurge on some bed sheets and luxury pillows, and never feel guilty about it.


5. Spa Treatments

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How about a day at the spa? One very satisfying gift to give yourself is some pampering. Visit Thesis Salon and enjoy its services. 

 6. Staycation

You’ve been very hardworking in 2016. Why don’t you allow yourself to have a lazy Sunday, or an only-me Monday until do-nothing Thursday this coming 2017? Sounds tempting right? Book a room now and spend the night munching on good hotel food and relaxing in a hot tub.

7. Cruise


If 2016 was very, very good to you and you've got some extra moolah, why don’t you go on a cruise? Take a day to unplug and do something special just for yourself. Star Cruises offers different Asian destinations complete with gourmet delights, entertainment shows, recreation and wellness, as well as shore excursions. Go outside, step on the deck, spread your arms (fine, and imagine you’re Rose from Titanic). Never mind if you don’t have a Jack for now. Just enjoy the ocean breeze and savor your solitude.