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5 Types of Trolls You Meet on the Internet

You can never win in the web.
5 Types of Trolls You Meet on the Internet
You can never win in the web.

The Internet is a huge scary virtual world, but what makes it even less friendly are the lurking trolls that await your every post. These are online users who purposely disrupt the community by posting comments, photos, videos, or GIFs powered by negativity. That said, here’s a list of the most annoying people you may encounter online:

1. The Flooder

They’re mostly on Instagram, commenting “LB, LB, LB!” (It means like back, BTW), “Like 4 like?” or “First row!”

Variation: They would also comment, “If you don’t repost this, you’ll be haunted by this ghost.” Or, the more annoying one, “1 like, 1 prayer.”

2. The Grammar Nazi

They aren’t really interested in whatever you’ve posted. They’re just here to give you unsolicited copyediting services that normally come with an asterisk.

3. The Overnight Analyst

These are the people who would post their two cents on anything to sound like they're an expert on the topic. For example: “Oh, there’s an NBA game? Here’s why I think Kobe Bryant shouldn’t be MVP.”


Variation: They can also be called the know-it-all or the preacher. Also, hypebeast, trend-hopper, and the like.

4. The Hater


They have a talent for finding ways to ruin even a simple video of an adorable dog.

5. The Spoiler


They ruin your experience, say watching the new Game of Thrones, just because. It doesn’t help even if you caption your photo #spoileralert.

In the end, you can’t please everyone. So in case you find yourself interacting with trolls, it’s probably best to just ignore them. Also remember to keep yourself in check if you’re becoming one, too!

Photo from @idazeeeen and @gymmemesofficial on Instagram

Main image illustrated by Gab Gutierrez

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