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5 Things to Expect From Katy Perry's Mobile Game

5 Things to Expect From Katy Perry's Mobile Game Created by the same makers of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Katycats, rejoice! Here’s your chance to meet Katy Perry—well, virtually, at least.

Following Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato, the California Gurl is the latest celeb to create her own interactive game. Last month, she posted a teaser of her candy-hued cartoon universe featuring her green-haired, animated doppelganger wearing an adorbs costume.

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“I’ve created the most fun, colorful world that helps guide your musical dreams. App coming soon!”

Yup, we’re totally excited about it! In fact, we just couldn’t help but scavenge for more sneak peeks. So here, we clue you in on what to expect from her app, Katy Perry Pop:

1. You get to build your own musical career.

Be discovered by Katy herself and work your way up to the top. Record your own songs and perform in front of the fans. (Just don’t forget to say “What’s up, Manila!!!”)

2. You get to play dress-up.


As much as we’re excited for all the singing, we also can’t keep ourselves from looking forward to seeing the clothes! Create your own pop star persona and customize your OOTD with Katy-approved tops, dresses, shoes, and accessories.

3. The visuals are just wow.

 Revel in a prismatic world of rainbows and neon colors. There’s even a Katy Vision feature to turn things up a notch! (Hmm, maybe like those glasses they gave out at her last concert?)

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4. Her costumes are on point.

The game showcases many of Katy’s memorable costumes and even some outfits that she’s worn IRL. Expect to see Teenage Dream cropped tops, her many hair color changes, and even a head-to-toe Moschino outfit! 

5. Perform and star in your own music videos.

Finally, it’s a place to show off your hidden talent. Bust a move because this might just be your biggest break ever.


Here’s to hoping that your dreams will come true! 

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