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16 Things That Kind of Suck When You Get Older

No more summer vacays!
16 Things That Kind of Suck When You Get Older No more summer vacays!

1. You get jaded.

Getting jaded is part of life, and this isn't exactly such a negative thing considering how it brings us to the reality that there are bad things in the world. Still, a part of you wishes that you weren't lied to all these years and that the world didn't suck so much in the first place.

2. You have to almost always be professional.

And that means hiding the urge to show your feelings and tell things like they are when your officemate or boss is barking at your back. Yes, there's value in listening and thinking first before you act/react. But to have to keep a straight or smiling face all the time even when you are screaming inside, it can prove to be a challenge.

3. All the money stuff.

What does a bank account do? What bank should you even go to? What's a reasonable interest rate? How else can you make your money grow apart from saving your salary? You can't help but wish that things like these should've been taught in school. Or maybe they were but you didn't pay attention.

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4. Taxes.

There's probably a special place in the next life for people who pocket the taxes instead of using them to improve the lives of our countrymen, right? Sadly there are too many of them and you can't help but feel more dejected.

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5. You see people succeeding in life and you're just like...


You see them getting promoted one by one or getting their dream jobs or their dream positions. You see some starting their own business, and you even see some getting engaged or married. It seems like everyone has figured out life, except you. Of course, you're happy and excited for them. But you also wonder what is happening with you.

 6. No more summer vacays.

Unless you're a teacher, you don't get to enjoy two months of doing nothing or a even week of being out of town without worrying about work. 

7. You lose some friends and grow distant from them.

This can be a good thing when that "friend" secretly hated you and wanted to see you fail. But not all the people you lose and grow distant from were mean. You guys just developed a new and different set of interests and hobbies. That's normal, sure. It's just sad that it's as if you guys didn't have a pretty great history. They did make your grade school and high school years worthwhile.


8. You hardly hang out with the friends you're close to.

Because you guys are all busy pursuing your dreams or getting by with work or starting a business or family. Therefore, it's so hard to find time for a group date. It's understandable, of course. You just miss them a lot.

9. The actors/actresses/musicians/other famous people who're significant to you are also getting old and sick and...yeah.

Maybe what's worse than the next generation of kids not knowing anything about the shows, books, movies, and music you grew up to is that those people who made those things happen (and made them extra amazing) are passing away. You're pretty sure their legacy will go on, but a part of you dies with them. #RIPAlanRickman #YouTooChristopherLee

10. You get pressured to get married.

It may be your relatives doing it since they were married at your age, or it could even be you pressuring yourself because you have a life plan and want to have kids before you turn 30, and so on.


11. You're pressured to find a partner.

If you're single, some people will pity you and that is, quite frankly, annoying. You've heard your parents or your titas telling you it's much harder to find a partner as time goes by and that you need to settle down soon. Well, being single is not exactly your first choice, but it's not like it's the worst thing that can happen to someone anyway!

12. You feel tired a lot.

You cannot imagine yourself commuting when you're 34. You have a hard time climbing the stairs for crying out loud! Sitting down all day at work is definitely helping you feel more and more lethargic each day. And let's not get started on all the junk food you're chowing down just to get you through the day. (Or, maybe you're just lazy?) #LOL

13. You work/interact with people who suck.

Some people you know backstab you, ruin your name, sabotage your work, or cheat their way up the ladder. As for the people you don't know, well, they don't even flush the toilet (WHY?!), clean up after themselves, or know how to line up. And these are ADULTS. WITH JOBS. WITH EXPERIENCE. Why on earth can't they be more mindful? UGH.


14. Job hunting is hard.

It's hard to look for companies and openings, and the emotional stress that comes with thinking about your future is just way too much!

15. You see the younger generation and they look hot.

And you're just, like, "What? I didn't look like that when I was 20, and I still don't look like that at 24! What are the kids eating these days?"


16. You realize that the grades you worked so hard for don't really matter.

The recruiters look at the schools you've attended, your course, and your skills. But that whole thing about high grades being a key to success? BS. Sure, all the studying and hard work you did paid off in other ways, but now you wish you just had more fun with people back in high school or college instead of spending so much time on your own in the library or at home. 

*This story originally appeared on Cosmo.phMinor edits have been made by the editors.

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