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Rhian Ramos Reveals Her Secrets to Aging Gracefully at 30

She shared her skincare routine and her renewed perspective to aging.
Rhian Ramos admits to always feeling the pressure of looking "fresh and youthful.""There is a part of me that had a hard time, I suppose, getting used to it," she said at a virtual press launch held last November 30. But over

These Are the Skincare Habits You Should Be Practicing Before Turning 40

Better start now than be sorry later!
Your 30s is the time when you'll start to notice many changes in your skin. While they're completely normal, it's good to take the initiative to take extra care of yourself. In an interview with Female Network, Dr. Kaycee Reyes of Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations shares

Kate Bosworth's 10-Year Challenge Is the Most Inspiring We've Seen Yet

She talks about the reality of aging and living in your 20s.
The #10YearChallenge is currently taking over social media. Celebrities and influencers alike are posting photos of themselves from 2009 and 2019, and needless to say, it's an interesting way to do a major throwback.However, Kate Bosworth's take on the challenge is probably

How to Treat Dark Spots, Fine Lines, and Dry Skin

According to skin experts!
Your road to youth starts with the best base—your skin. Ahead, three skin experts weigh in on the signs of aging and the things that can come to your rescue."For the face, early signs are sun spots or melasma (small patches of

Dr. Vicki Belo Says These Skincare Habits Are Essential in Your 30s

She reveals the habits you should change, too.
In an interview during Cosmopolitan Beauty Block 2018, Female Network sat down with beauty expert Dr. Vicki Belo to know what skincare habits need to change once you hit your 30s.Her advice sounds simple, and very familiar to anyone who's been making

How to Start an Anti-Aging Skincare Routine in Your 20s

It's never too early to start!
Age-defying skincare is not limited to battling deep fine lines. As early as your twenties, you should already start slowing down your skin's clock. Here are some steps to help you get started:Our skin's self-renewing process tends to slow down as we

This Sleeping Position Might Be Giving You More Wrinkles

It's the price to pay for comfort!
Did you know that the most common sleeping position is on your side? Yes, at night, we don't exactly know how many times we switch positions, but when it comes to preference, most of the world are side sleepers. And according to

10 Things You Wear That Can Instantly Make You Look Older

Sometimes, agelessness is a matter of dressing.
As you age, your style should evolve along with you. After all, the last thing you want is to look older than you actually are. Apart from harsh makeup and overstyled hair, these are the fashion items that can add years to

This Painless Treatment Will Make You Look Younger Instantly

And there's absolutely no downtime!
There's a new age-defying injectable in town, and it smooths out fine lines and wrinkles like nobody's business. Introduced in the Philippines by the Aivee Clinic, Xeomin can do what regular botox can and more.According to the Aivee Group, this FDA-approved injectable

How to Combat Skin Woes That Make You Look Older

Hyperpigmentation? Fine lines? Here's what you need.
Your road to youth starts with the best base—your skin. Three skin experts weigh in on the signs of aging.PROBLEM: Hyperpigmentation“For the face, early signs are sun spots or melasma (small patches of dark color).” —Dr. Vicki BeloPrevent: “The best prevention is

How to Deal with Gray Hair in Your 20s

All your questions, answered.
Sunscreen and eye cream aren't the be-all end-all of anti-aging. We age elsewhere, too, in places those heaven-sent products unfortunately can't reach. Take our hair, for example. It can go gray right under our noses, and even sunscreen can't help it. In

This Gorgeous 57-Year-Old Woman Is the Face of a Lingerie Brand

Age really is just a number.
We can only hope to look as jaw-dropping fantastic as model Mercy Brewer when we hit the age of 57. New Zealand-based label Lonely Lingerie seems to agree, casting the beauty to star in their latest campaign!IMAGE Lonely Lingerie"I believe we are

16 Things That Kind of Suck When You Get Older

No more summer vacays!
1. You get jaded.Getting jaded is part of life, and this isn't exactly such a negative thing considering how it brings us to the reality that there are bad things in the world. Still, a part of you wishes that you weren't