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10 Things That Stood Out at the JaDine Revolution Concert

We’re still on a high!
10 Things That Stood Out at the JaDine Revolution Concert
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We’re still on a high!

If, sadly, you weren't able to spend last Friday night in the company of James Reid and Nadine Lustre at their sold-out concert in Araneta, then this article is for you. If you missed out on it and are feeling all sorts of FOMO, let us help you out. Below, we list down the 10 memorable moments that happened that night:

1. The visuals were on point.

From the 10-minute countdown to the other visual presentations shown during the concert, James and Nadine made sure to include their own input. (The video clips seemed like the handiwork of the couple themselves.) The two had creative control over the concert and, as a fan, isn't that something to be proud of?

2. Same can be said about their outfits.

Concert looks are tricky. You have to think about every movement onstage and how the light will hit the clothing, among other things. As a stylist, I personally couldn't help but zoom in on their concert looks. Here are my faves:


James in a boxy white graphic tee (later, he wore a studded leather jacket over this) paired with loose-checkered trousers, red tinted shades, and a pair of brown sneakers is honestly my favorite. Casual cool superstar! Reminds me of how K-pop stars do it. Truth be told, though, it’s really more about the attitude and less about the clothes.

Nadine’s looks for the most part of the concert were sexy, but this look where she donned a red tube top paired wide-legged joggers and Fenty X Puma booties is listed as my number one pick. It's just the right amount of sexy and fun. An ode to Rihanna, perhaps? Maybe. But it's purely coincidental that Nadz and RiRi share the same love for those white Off White “Keep Walking” booties.

3. It was hot, hot, hot!

When James sang Dangerous off his Palm Dreams album, Nadine appeared with a folding chair. We’ve all seen snippets of this T-shirt dance online during rehearsals, it was an even steamier performance live. I honestly have no idea how she managed to balance herself upside down on that chair. Oh wait, I do know: that, ladies and gentleman, is pure core. Go Nadine!


4. That unfamiliar song.

During one of James' solo performances, he sang an unfamiliar song in the the tune of Beyonce’s Drunk In Love, ending it with the words "love your enemies." Now, this is unconfirmed, but we couldn't help but wonder: is this a new track on the way? Or, just a freestyle from our boy? We need answers!

5. Three's not a crowd.

The segment with Sarah Geronimo featuring '90s songs like No Diggity and Boom! Shake the Room had everyone rising from their seats and dancing. It was a nice surprise that Nadine also joined in on the fun. If anything, it's proof that the love team can keep up with the Pop Princess.

6. Their original songs are a hit!

How many artists can say they sold out a concert in Araneta performing their own songs? Because #Jadine did exactly that. A few from their old albums plus a lot from their new work (especially from James' Palm Dreams album). Nadine’s single was an obvious hit, too, and we can’t wait to hear the rest of her new music.


7. They had a romantic duet.

We all know Forever is James' love song dedicated to Nadine, but for this concert, they performed this together as a duet with Nadine having her own verse. If this isn’t romantic enough for you, then we don’t know what is.

8. JaDine's squad showed full support.

Seeing JaDine perform and have fun onstage with friends Bret Jackson, Kiana Valenciano, Sam Concepcion, and Paulo Tiongson (aka @poor.taste on Instagram, who was the producer for Palm Dreams) was exciting to watch. They even poked fun at the whole James and Sam bromance thing (which Bret made sure to fix).

9. That bend tho.

Perhaps the most OMG moment has got to be this On Top performance when James sang “I love the way you bend” and Nadine stopped mid-twerk and actually bent for James to see. The whole dome went wild for this.

10. They didn't have to try too hard, to be honest.


The best part of the show was when they treated the fans with a song and dance performance, because really, JaDine didn’t need to go overboard. We all know they are happy, in love, and a hardworking couple, and this show was proof they are more than capable of delivering a crowd-rousing performance.


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