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Your Starbucks Order Might Be Breaking You Out

And here's why.
Your Starbucks Order Might Be Breaking You Out And here's why.

If you’re having trouble with your skin right now and panic-buying skincare to fix it, please relax. There might be more to the situation than you think. Your diet and other activities, such as exercise, are as critical to keeping your skin in tip-top shape as serums and moisturizers. And, surprise, your daily cup of coffee is definitely included in this list of things to consider.

Coffee is loved by the perpetually tired and busy all over the world for its energy-boosting benefits. However, serving you great injustice first thing in the morning is one ingredient it usually comes withmilk.

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This is probably not an issue of concern for those who like their coffee black, but for those who prefer an extra shot of milk for added creaminess and sweetness, we apologize in advance for what we’re about to tell you.

Cow’s milk, plain and simple, is baby cow growth formula. It contains growth hormones specifically made for a calf so it grows as big and healthy as its mother in a short amount of time. Therefore, by drinking cow’s milk, we’re allowing hormones meant for these baby cows to enter our system.

But where’s the harm in that, you say? Well, these hormones have the tendency to mess with our own set of hormones, because they are basically foreign objects to us. This may lead to issues in our immune system.

Dairy also promotes skin inflammation and hinders cell repair, which might be why your breakouts are not only worsening, but also taking longer to heal. Clogged pores, increased sebum production, and tricky digestion are other popular side effects of consuming dairy. Not only that, IGF-1, casein, and other hormones and proteins found in cow’s milk have also been linked to cancer development.


So what now? If you’re wondering how to ditch dairy in your coffee without sacrificing taste, don’t worry. We’re looking out for your skin here, not attacking your relationship with the beverage. Most coffee places have milk substitutes, like soy and almond milk, that are not only better for you, but they also mimic dairy milk’s creaminess and sweetness.


So here’s to better skin and lighter, guilt-free mornings!

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