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What We Know so Far About the New Starbucks' Rewards Program

There are some important features you should be excited about.
Are you excited about Starbucks' new rewards program? The program is set to launch by July 17 but Starbucks has continuously teased us on what we can expect from the new rewards program.The latest information they divulged about the soon-to-launch program is that

There's a New Starbucks Drink in Town and It Looks Berry Yummy

Cool off with this fruity, chocolatey beverage.
Whether you’re looking to cool off in the middle of a hot day or looking for a cold, creamy way to end a meal, you can’t go wrong with a Starbucks Frappuccino. You probably have your go-to variant—maybe it's Caramel, Green Tea

Starbucks Japan Will Soon Open Its First Sign Language Store

This branch will have 19 hearing-impaired employees, out of the 25 staff members.
Starbucks Coffee Japan Ltd says it will open a branch in Kunitachi, western Tokyo, and this will be the first Starbucks store in Japan operated using sign language ability for its hearing-impaired customers. According to a report by Kyodo News, this Starbucks

PSA: Starbucks’ Buy One, Take One Promo Starts This Monday!

This promo applies to their grande-sized beverages only.
This is not a drill, Starbucks fan. Set your alarms and plan your days accordingly because Starbucks will have a three-day buy one, take on promo on their grande-sized handcrafted tea-ology beverages starting June 29 until July 1. The beverages you can order under

PSA: Starbucks Cards Aren't Going Away After All!

They're coming out with a new rewards program in July.
Starbucks lovers, we know how heartbroken you must have felt when Starbucks announced that you only had until June to use your Starbucks Card. Well, it looks like you won't have to say bye to your collection after all because Starbucks will

You Have to See This Gorgeous Starbucks Set in a Greenhouse

We're definitely adding this to our bucket list!
Remember when we rounded up the 10 most beautiful Starbucks’ in the world? Well it looks like another contender just came up in Japan, and there’s no denying how breathtaking it is. Introducing Starbucks Hana Biyori, a cafe immersed in a greenhouse! Surrounded

You Have to See the First-Ever Starbucks Tumbler Collection Designed by a Filipino

Patrick Cabral is the first local artist the coffee chain giant has collaborated with!
If you collect Starbucks tumblers (at this point, we're pretty sure you have an accidental collection anyway), pay attention because the coffee chain just came out with something you'll want to get your hands on, stat! It has tapped world-renowned Filipino artist Patrick

You Need to Say Goodbye to Your Starbucks Rewards Card

The rewards card program will be discontinued starting June 30.
If you're a huge Starbucks fan who enjoys the perks of having a Starbucks Rewards Card, we have some unfortunate news for you: You'll soon need to bid farewell to your Starbucks Rewards Card as it will be deactivated by June 30, 2020.

Stop Everything: Starbucks Is Now Available for Delivery!

Missing your Starbucks fix? One option is to make your own Starbucks-inspired drinks at home—but we get that not everyone has the confidence to be their own barista. The good news? Starbucks is now on GrabFood, so your favorite cup of joe is now within reach.Feel

11 Starbucks-Inspired Drinks That You Can Easily Make at Home

Dreaming of your favorite frappe?
Cozy interiors. Chill music. Cradling a cup of warm coffee in your hands. Such is the Starbucks ambiance that coffee lovers surely miss given the constraints of this ongoing quarantine. But the separation anxiety can be as simple as missing the taste

OMG! Starbucks Has a Vera Wang Collection and Everything's So Chic

Shut up and take our money!
Heads up, fashion girls! Starbucks' latest collaboration is sure to get your hearts fluttering. The brand recently partnered with fashion mogul Vera Wang for a line of tumblers and mugs meant to celebrate individuality and "being true to oneself."Sporting a sleek black

Starbucks' New Offerings Will Remind You of Japan's Cherry Blossom Season

The taste of spring!
The cool February spring breeze is noticeably prevalent in other countries, while we’re unfortunately stuck with considerably hotter seasons all year round. Thankfully, Starbucks has got us covered. In celebration of the beginning of Japan’s famous Sakura season, the coffee giant is signaling

10 Most Beautiful Starbucks Stores in the World

These coffee shops are unlike any other you've visited before.
In a bid to blend in with its found environment and honor the heritage where they build their coffeehouses, Starbucks ocassionally establishes Concept stores around the world, a.k.a. uniquely designed Starbucks shops. Below are 10 remarkably beautiful and distinctive Starbucks concept stores