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Review: This Ultra-Moisturizing Face Cream Can Be Used For Both Day And Night

It's a miracle in a jar.
Review: This Ultra-Moisturizing Face Cream Can Be Used For Both Day And Night
IMAGE Lululun
It's a miracle in a jar.

What: We love a good multitasking product, and we know you do, too. Enter the LuLuLun Cream Mask, a power-packed two-in-one moisturizer you can wear both day and night. Talk about working double time!

Current condition:

I've been dealing with a problematic bout of adult acne, so finding a moisturizer that sits well under my foundation and concealer is mega important to me. Also, I detest the post-pimple flakiness a breakout tends to cause.


How I used it: I simply picked up the right amount of cream—subjective to my hydration needs, of course—and gently massaged onto my face with my fingers, avoiding the general eye area. I decided to apply a little more onto parched patches and rough spots!

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Conclusion: If, like me, you classify under the oily or combination types, I'd advise you to be careful—the Lululun Face Cream is pretty decadent and can clog up pores or cause little breakouts. That said, it's very good for dry skin and flaky patches if you want makeup to go on smoothly over everything! Meant to be used after the brand's sheet masks, the product held up better than expected, but started to smudge after around five hours. Staying power: not bad, but not great.

Here's where it makes up for things, though: I've stopped using the product in the daytime as its richness causes a noticeable slide to my makeup, but I've found that it's perfect for bedtime. I slather on a generous amount just before sleeping and wake up to plump, hydrated skin every morning!

Now that I think about it, another great thing about the LuLuLun Face Cream is that's adaptable to your needs: Oily but got a small dry spot you want to remedy? Dab a tiny bit on and it levels everything. Don't use a moisturizer in the daytime but are looking to make up for it at night? You've got your fix.


The verdict? It's definitely worth a buy (you don't have to jet all the way to Japan to get your hands on it, either—LuLuLun is now available in the Philippines!), especially with a more-than-affordable price tag of P975.

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