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Sandara Park's Secrets for Achieving Youthful Skin in Her 30s

She revealed her skincare must-haves on her YouTube channel!
Did you know that Sandara Park is already in her mid-30s? Yup, she is, and we'll let you process that information for a second. If we're being honest, we wouldn't know that either if we didn't look it up, because in our eyes,

This Gel Moisturizer Worked Well for My Oily Skin

It's lightweight but brings in loads of goodies to the skin.
Patchology's AquaFlash Daily Moisturizer is a lightweight concoction in gel form. It promises to deliver maximum moisture and to promote collagen synthesis to smooth lines, thanks to the product's Hyaluronic Acid. It also has Neem trees extract that provides powerful anti-oxidants, as

Will Feminine Wash Really Help Clear Your Acne?

Could this be the acne miracle you've been looking for?
At one point, you've probably heard stories about someone's dad or boyfriend using feminine wash on their face, thinking it was a cleanser. It's equal parts funny and cringe-worthy, and it oddly happens way too often as well (read those labels, boys!).In

10 Gentle Moisturizers Your Sensitive Skin Won't Hate

Dodge those flare-ups like a boss.
Pretty much all skin care products are trial-and-error for those with sensitive skin. Being an expert shopper will take some time, but it's definitely possible with lots of practice!For starters, we recommend staying away from heavy oils, synthetic fragrances, and sulfates. Doing

This Korean Girl Revealed How She Got Clear "Glassy" Skin

You won't believe how simple it is.
A beauty junkie's skin care routine is going viral on Instagram, and it's not because she has 10 steps. Ellie Choi sticks to a simple regimen that even a K-beauty noob can follow, but the result is the same: clear, luminous skin. We

This Korean Skin Care Trend Is About to Be Everywhere

It's beaming.
The beaming glow that K-beauty is famous for has a name, and it's not dewy skin. Their 10-step routines are apparently designed to achieve something called "glass skin," which is basically glowing skin but bumped up to a whole other level."Glass skin

Here's How Many Skin Care Products Most Filipinas Use Before Bedtime

How many steps do you have in your beauty regimen?
The insane reach that the internet has is a great tool for the beauty-obsessed. Because imagine, how else would we have learned of the Koreans' 10-step skin care routine and the French girls' "no tap water" rule if everything wasn't one click

These Superfoods Will Take Your Skin Care to the Next Level

Boost your skin's health!
Looking for a skin boost? Mix some superfoods into your regimen! These healthy ingredients will without a doubt do wonders for your skin like they can for your health. We're talking antioxidants, vitamins, and more complexion-loving goodness. These don't have the word

These Local Beauty Products Are Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Localize your regimen!
For this week's top local picks, it's all about gentle skin care. Keep scrolling for a sensitive skin-friendly routine you can cop!Step 1: Makeup RemoverSensitive skin tends to be easily overwhelmed, so stay away from heavy oils and strong facial washes to

This Is the Best Toner for You Based on Your Skin Concern

Find what suits your skin type here!
Some girls think of toner as an optional skin care step or one worth skipping altogether, but we beg to disagree. There are loads of toners with ingredients that will actually do wonders for your skin! Just pick the right one and

9 Caffeine-Infused Products That Can Help Firm Up Your Skin

Supple skin is one massage away!
Other than perking us up in the mornings, caffeine excels in the skin care department, too! Turns out, this energizing ingredient has great firming properties that can improve the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. What's more, when caffeine is infused with

The Beginner's Guide to Proper Skin Exfoliation

How often should you do it?
For beginners, exfoliating can seem like an extra step. Except, it really isn't. Exfoliation is as necessary in your skin care routine as cleansing! If it's smoother and more even complexion that you're aiming for, scrubbing off that extra layer of dead

How to Tell If a Product Is Causing Your Breakouts

Sensitive skin? Read up!
Every time we spend money on a product, we obviously want it to work. Which is why, we find it hard to throw something away—even when we suspect that it might be the cause of our breakouts. You can call it foolish,