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What You Should Know About the LED Light Mask That’s All Over IG

A beauty expert shared her experience with us
What You Should Know About the LED Light Mask That’s All Over IG A beauty expert shared her experience with us

Beauty trends as we know them have changed over the course of quarantine, naturally because of the marked change in our lifestyles. With self-care and do-it-yourself treatments becoming a necessity nowadays, it’s no surprise that the big trend we’ve spotted falls under this category.

We first saw this LED light therapy mask on Preview’s former Beauty Editor Agoo Bengzon, who shared about its 3 light modes, as well as how she used it out as a face shield (why not?). And then we saw Julia Barretto’s post as well as makeup artist Jigs Mayuga. We had to know more!

Normali Lifestyle’s Light Skin Shield

Online seller Normali Lifestyle (@normalilifestyle on Instagram) shared some information with me when I inquired: The Korean-made LED light shield has 3 light functions that address different skin concerns. Red light has anti-aging benefits as it stimulates collagen and elastin production, as well as brings down inflammation and improves circulation. Blue light is used for acne treatment as it kills acne-causing  bacteria beneath the skin and can make oil glands less active. Amber light helps in cell renewal as it boosts lymphatic flow and helps in cell turnover. They say that “this is the first completely hands-free at-home LED Treatment,”  and recommend using it for 20 minutes every day for 21 days to really see the difference it can make to your complexion.

How to Use It

To use it, go through your regimen first—cleanse, tone, apply serum, and moisturize. Put the shield on as you would your favorite pair of sunglasses, then press the power button on the left side to start your session. Pressing on this same button will let you change the light color. Once you’re done,  press the power button and hold it down until it shuts off. Make sure to clean it after using it.


Easy right?

A Real Review of the LED Light Therapy Mask

We got in touch with Agoo to find out more about her own experience with the mask. She shared that she uses it twice a day after applying skin care in the morning and evening. It’s essentially become a part of her routine. 

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After a week of use, she said she uses the red and amber light settings more. “My skin seems to respond best to the red light, which is primarily to boost the anti-aging benefits of your skin care since it helps produce more collagen and elastin,” she says, adding that because her skin is on the dry side now, she hasn’t used the blue light. “I like the to use the amber light, too, once in a while since it has lymphatic drainage benefits.” 

Note: Experts have looked into the safety of at-home LED light therapy masks as eyes can feel irritation, pain, or discomfort—for those with eye-related disorders, repeated exposure could cause visual impairment or loss according to the Australian Department of Health--from being exposed to the bright lights.

You’ll notice in the Normali Lifestyle LED Skin Shield, there is a void in the eye area, so no light is directly facing it. Agoo advises that while using it, you should look straight out to be safe. “Don’t use it while lying down or using your phone, unless you position your phone right in front of the space where the mask is devoid of light,” she further cautions.


A quick look through the brand’s Instagram highlights reveals the number of people already treating their skin to some LED light therapy. The mask costs P2880, and you can place an order by filling out the Google form that’s linked in their bio?

Think you’re ready to add this to your skin care routine? Sound off in the comments below.

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