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Did You Know? Ursula Corbero Almost Didn't Wear Her Iconic Hairstyles in "Money Heist"

She was told it was "too much" for Tokyo.
Did You Know? Ursula Corbero Almost Didn't Wear Her Iconic Hairstyles in "Money Heist"
IMAGE Money Heist/Netflix
She was told it was "too much" for Tokyo.

There's no denying Money Heist is one of Netflix's blockbuster hits for the past few years. In the Philippines alone, fans have worn the cast's signature red overalls and Salvador Dali mask to their prenup shoots, some even making it an inspiration for hospital PPEs. Show heroine Tokyo also successfully drove a lot of people to chop their hair into a fringed bob. That's why when we had a chance to catch up with Spanish actress Ursula Corbero (A.K.A. Tokyo herself), we couldn't help ourselves from sharing the news.

"What you're telling me is giving me goosebumps, I didn't know that," the actress tells Preview. She then shared she witnessed a similar situation when they filmed in Canada, where around 30% of the people she saw were wearing their red overalls.

"I realized that my character Tokyo is surrounded by very, very professional people, [actors] who love their job, and I somehow emerged with my character like never before. I've never managed to do it so well," she says.


Her hairstyle's impact was also apparently something she didn't expect, as Ursula revealed she was almost not allowed to wear Tokyo's now-iconic fringed bob. "I remember I had to fight for my hair," she recalls.

"They were telling me this is going to be too hard-looking, you cannot wear that hair [but] I was like yes I know this is going to work." FYI, her inspiration behind the hairstyle was Natalie Portman in The Professional.

Tokyo's iconic fringed bob cut on Money Heist Part 1
PHOTO BY Money Heist/Netflix
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Tokyo's hair change in season three was also a result of Ursula's convincing powers. According to the actress, the showrunners were initially hesitant about getting rid of her bob. "They were like your hairstyle is already so iconic so please do not try to change it," she says. However, the actress stood her ground, securing Tokyo a mullet for two seasons.

She continues, "The mullet haircut was very risky. But I was convinced. I was like now is the time because we need to change something, because [Tokyo]'s another person. It's been two years so she had to change somehow."

And to Ursula's surprise, her mullet became as well-received as the bob from season one. The actress adds, "I love to see this kind of thing. It makes me feel so proud."

Ursula as Tokyo in Money Heist Part 5
 PHOTO BY Money Heist/Netflix

Ursula will still be wearing the mullet in the show's final season that'll premiere on September 3. That said, knowing what we know now, another iconic hair change could happen at any point. We'll just have to watch the entire thing to find out.

Ursula Corbero as Tokyo in mullet hairstyle
PHOTO BY Monica Suarez de Tangil for Netflix, Styled by Sara Fernandez Castro

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