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10 Tricks to Make Your Perfume Last Throughout the Day

Tips and tricks right here!
10 Tricks to Make Your Perfume Last Throughout the Day
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Tips and tricks right here!

Filipinos are obsessed with smelling good. However, life in the urban jungle exposes us to pollution and intense heat making smelling good throughout the day a personal battle. So if you find yourself spritzing again by lunch time, you're probably not able to utilize the power of your perfume. We know the struggle! To help you, we list down 10 ways you can do to make your fragrance last the whole day long. Read on!


1. Store perfume bottles properly.

Don't keep them inside your bathroom where it's hot and humid. Direct sunlight also doesn't help in preserving the quality of your perfume as it degrades the perfume oil, breaking down the fragrance. Instead, keep them in the boxes they came in or display them on pretty cake stands, away from the sun on your vanity.

2. Rub petroleum jelly on your pulse points.

If you have dry skin, you may want to rub some petroleum jelly first on your skin, which can help retain the fagrance longer.

3. You may also use lotions instead of petroleum jelly.

The mositurizing content of lotion will help lock in the scent. Additionally, you can add your perfume's last drops into your (unscented) lotion and use it as a body cream to smell good all day!

4. Spray perfume right after showering.

After showering, your pores open up more so when you spray your perfume at this time, your skin can absorb and retain the fragrance better. You can also avoid staining your jewelry if you spritz on the perfume before getting dressed.

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5. Don't rub your wrists.

Contrary to popular belief, rubbing your wrists together after spraying perfume won't let it last longer. By doing so, you are forcing the top notes of the fragrance to dissipate faster.

6. Know where to spritz!

There are certain points in the body where perfume can stick longer. Check this out for a complete chart!

7. Don't spray perfume directly onto your hair.

Alcohol-based perfumes can damage your hair if applied directly. Instead, you can spritz it onto a hair brush and comb it through your hair. Or you can explore hair mists targeted to keep your hair smelling good.

8. Don't shake.

Perfume bottles are made to stand still. Shaking them lets in air, reducing the quality.

9. Spritz your perfume on cotton swabs.

Keep these swabs in a small ziplock for a quick touch up through the day! They're easier to carry around especially if you're using a small clutch.


10. Know common perfume terms for a more educated experience in buying scents.

Top note - This is the first scent you smell when you spray the perfume. That said, when buying, let the perfume settle first on your skin before taking a whiff to know its true scent.

Middle/Heart note - This is the main body of the perfume. It takes as long as an hour before it dissipates.

Base note - This is the last scent to leave the skin. They are usually heavily-bodied; thus, they linger more on the skin.

Eau du cologne - This type has 5% oil in the perfume.

Eau du toilette - This type has 8% oil in the perfume.

Eau du parfum - This type has 15% oil in the perfume, and has the most staying power of perfume among the three.

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