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This Tiktok Trend That Aimed to "Normalize Insecurities" Had Netizens Feeling Worse About Themselves

This Tiktok Trend That Aimed to "Normalize Insecurities" Had Netizens Feeling Worse About Themselves
What are your thoughts on this controversial Tiktok beauty trend?

A controversial beauty trend has been circulating on Tiktok, and people have mixed feelings about it.

If you search the tag #normalizeinsecurities on the app, you’ll find countless videos of makeup artists and beauty influencers purposely altering their looks to highlight most people's biggest insecurities. 

The trend was popularized by Tiktok user Megha Singh (@meghaess), starting with her first post back in September where she contoured her nose for it to deliberately look crooked. After which, she went on to make an entire series that inspired other users to do the same. 




As of writing, the said posts have been seen by millions of people, spawning the #normalizeinsecurities trend on the app. But as it turns out, not everybody is happy about it.

While Megha initially started it with good intentions aimed to help people embrace their insecurities, some netizens have pointed out that it's actually doing the opposite. "It's easy to say that it's beautiful when it's not your insecurity to deal with," one commenter wrote, with another user chiming in how the trend actually makes fun of other people's insecurities rather than normalizes them.


In response, Megha posted a video explaining that she would be ending the series because of the negative reactions people had towards her videos. "The whole point was obviously to show you that these insecurities are normal. If everyone looked the same, there would be no variety in this world," the content creator said. "If I made you feel better about yourself, that was the main intention. But if I didn't, I'm really, really sorry—that was really not the intention."

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What are your thoughts on this trend? Did it make you feel better about yourself or was it making your insecurities worse? 

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