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The 6 Golden Rules of Beauty If You Want to Look Like an Artista

Tips straight from celebrity makeup artists!
The 6 Golden Rules of Beauty If You Want to Look Like an Artista Tips straight from celebrity makeup artists!

We often look up to famous celebrities when it comes to matters of beauty. Be it onscreen or up close and personal, these stars are always selfie-ready and armed with a killer smile, enviable skin, and flawless makeup. Behind that pretty face is, more often than not, a “glam team” who knows all the tricks of the trade.

If you really want to know what it takes to look like an artista, then you need to hear it straight from the beauty experts responsible for their double-tap worthy looks. Read on below as your favorite stars’ makeup artists spill the beans.

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1. Don’t overdo your makeup.

 “Aside from letting out the beauty that starts from the heart, physically, I always suggest not to overdo makeup especially on an everyday basis. When you interact with someone closely, you want them to see how naturally beautiful you are, rather than how thick your makeup is.” Denise Ochoa

“Men don't like a lot of makeup. Men want skin, hair and lips they can kiss and touch. So I apply that philosophy to myself and to all my clients. When I'm doing my own makeup or my client's makeup, I put myself in a man's shoes and ask myself, ‘does this enhance her beauty or is this scary?’ Lol.” –Xeng Zulueta

2. Rid your face of dirt before putting on any makeup.

“Always start with clean skin before applying makeup. That way, your makeup stays on longer. Existing oil and dirt repel whatever product you put on your face.” –Mickey See

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3. Never go to bed with your makeup on.

“Your skin should be your best asset. That’s why I never forget to wash my face after a long day. Then in the morning, I make sure to always apply sunscreen.” – Katchie Mejias

4. Treat yourself to makeup-free days.

“Always let your skin breathe. [On days you can’t help but wear makeup,] apply only on areas that really need coverage.” –Mark Kingson Qua

5. Don't spend too much time concealing your flaws. Instead, highlight your features!

"Study your own features because each face is unique. Enhance what you love best! Just don't overdo it." Gery Penaso

6. Take care of your skin from within.

“Drink lots of water, get plenty of exercise, and moisturize twice daily.”—Jigs Mayuga

Main image via @jigsmayuga on Instagram

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