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SPF For Every Body Part

A beauty girl’s guide to SPF.
SPF For Every Body Part A beauty girl’s guide to SPF.

Figuratively, everyone could use a little ray of sunshine. But in the literal sense, we can’t share the same sentiments. While the beginning of March marks basking in the sunlight and feeling the wind in our hair, an extended visit from Mr. Golden Sun doesn’t always get a warm welcome from us. 

But adjusting to the heat isn’t a question of relevance—it’s a matter of necessity. SPF-laden protection is integral to everyone’s beauty regimen for both our summer and non-summer days. In fact, too much exposure to the sun depletes our collagen and elastin, resulting in skin cancer. Even if you don’t have a beach getaway lined up, there’s no getting away from the imminent threat either. The sun’s harmful rays can filter through the windows of your car and office. To make things worse, artificial light worsens dark spots.

The daily minimum SPF requirement is 30. What more now that it’s the return of the summer season? Here at Stylebible HQ, we’ve come up with a list of products to address your sunny concerns—guaranteed to give you enough protection for the rest of the summer.


Wella Sun Protection Spray, P576, select salons


That’s right, ladies. Even your lovely locks risk sun damage. With the heat finally sinking in, it’s normal to resort to fishtail braids and top knots. However, these summer styles allow harmful sun exposure to your scalp. To combat this challenge, we suggest spritzing your hair with this before salt and sand wreak havoc on your locks. We especially love how soft your hair gets after water-logged hours on the beach.


Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream SPF 34, P1450, Rockwell

For a beauty girl, crow’s feet is a major feat. For that and more, we suggest delicately dabbing of a little SPF eye cream around the windows to your soul for protection from the sun, crow’s feet, and dark spots. To go the extra fashionable mile, accessorize with your favorite pair of polarized sunnies.



Avène Hydrance Optimale Cream SPF 20, P1270, Watson's

The sun doesn’t always mean a radiant glow. It could also signify dry, flaky skin. Before you begin your makeup routine, it’s best to start with a lightweight photo-ready cream that lets your skin breathe.  Not only is it chemical-free, but its loaded with antioxidants!

Make Up For Ever UV Prime in SPF 50, P2400, SM Megamall

With the sun melting both our troubles and makeup away, who doesn’t need primer? Thankfully, our favorite base has a summer exclusive. Opt for a sunscreen primer that not only cuts through oiliness, but also keeps everything else smooth and intact.


Heliocare Advanced Oil-Free Compact SPF 50, P2350, DMark Beauty

If you’ve traded the holiday’s glitter minis and turtlenecks for this summer’s cutout frocks and Daisy Dukes, then we suggest giving your makeup an upgrade as well. Instead of your usual defenseless BB cream and foundation, we suggest a skin-sensitive (and summer-sensitive) compact powder with SPF. And yes, it comes in different shades too.


Supergoop! Mint Fusion Lip Balm SPF 30, P436, Sephora

It’s either go balm or go home. After all, no one wants a summer kiss on dry lips, right? The beauty rule of never leaving the house without lippie is an even graver commandment during the summer. For a season-long perfect pout, swipe lip gloss equipped with some serious SPF… and a kiss of mint for those close encounters.



L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Hand Care SPF 20, P1750, Rockwell

Having two hands only calls for double the protection. While this season is perfect for frequent colorful manicure changes, your skin may be receiving the short end of the beauty stick. For soft and smooth hands prepared for your list of summer activities, use a hand cream with SPF.


Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen SPF 100, P1380, Watson's

We’re keeping what’s hard to reach within reach! We understand that it’s hard to apply sunscreen on those parts, which is why we think you should opt for a sunblock spray to give you maximum coverage with minimal effort.



Heliocare Ultra Capsules, P2800, DMark Beauty

PILLS!!! It may be a joke months-old, but we’re still not over it. Similar to how we haven’t moved on from this summer supplement. According to an Australian study in 2015, it helps lower the risk of common skin cancers by nearly 25%. 

Now it’s time to soak up the sun without feeling guilty. Just don’t forget to use protection *wink*!

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