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These Lightweight Gel Moisturizers Are Perfect for Girls with Oily Skin

That heavy face cream may not be the right product for you.
If you have oily skin and you hate how most creamy moisturizers make it look and feel greasy by lunchtime, consider switching to gel formulas. Gel moisturizers are normally water-based so they feel lighter on the skin—this also means they absorb quickly!  Check out the ones we’ve already tried and tested

10 Berry-Infused Skincare Products You Need to Try

They're all berry good!
Did you know berries can do wonders for your skin? They're packed with antioxidants (like vitamin C) to keep your complexion healthy, bright, and smooth. It's no wonder so many skincare products today contain berry extracts and seeds. If you want to

A Girl's Guide to Makeup Shelf Life

It's time to spring clean your beauty cabinet!
There’s a sad reality every makeup hoarder has to face, and it’s the fact that each product has an expiration date. Ignoring the inevitable could result to bacteria buildup (eww!) or reformulation (double eww!), which could do some serious damage to your

SPF For Every Body Part

A beauty girl’s guide to SPF.
Figuratively, everyone could use a little ray of sunshine. But in the literal sense, we can’t share the same sentiments. While the beginning of March marks basking in the sunlight and feeling the wind in our hair, an extended visit from Mr.

Pull Off Stunning Curls A La Solange Knowles

Own them the way she does!
The woman behind Saint Records, Solange Knowles, celebrates her birthday today (in this side of the world, at least) and we can’t help but zoom in on her famous curly locks. As you may have seen on her personal Instagram account, she

7 Ways To Stay Radiant

And protect your milky white skin.
While summer may be the season of the sun, others might not be as quick to embrace the season’s skin-darkening ways.  Though a bevy of skin-brightening products lay at consumers’ disposal, we’ve whittled everything down to these tried and tested favorites. All