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Easy Tips for a Smokey Eye, According to Celebrity Makeup Artists

Beauty hacks right this way!
Easy Tips for a Smokey Eye, According to Celebrity Makeup Artists Beauty hacks right this way!

When in comes to makeup most of us prefer to highlight the lips and skip the eye shimmer, because the sultriest smokey eye makeup is a difficult technique to master on your own. So despite marathoning a ton of YouTube accounts, you just can't get that classic look your favorite celebs seem to live in. With this struggle of yours in mind, we talked to celebrity makeup artists Jason Delos Reyes and Sylvina Lopez to help you finally nail those smokey eyes.

Scroll down their top three tips and a step-by-step tutorial you can easily do on your own!

Tip #1: Blend, blend, blend.


“Smokey eyes are all about blending. Smokey eyes are a technique, not a color, so dark hues don't necessarily mean a smokey eye. Additionally, use your concealer as an eye shadow primer and set it with any translucent powder.” - Sylvina Lopez

Tip # 2: It’s all about the tools.



“Use at least two brushes: a dense shader to pack on color and a fluffy one to blend. First, put a transition color (a shade close to your skin tone, maybe one to two shades warmer). If you are going for a really intense smokey eye, use a thin layer of black cream eyeshadow as a base for the powder shadow.” - Sylvina Lopez

Tip #3: Troubleshooting


“Pack on the eyeshadow in the shape you want it to take and always below where you want it to blend out to. If you blend too far, use your face powder or a skin tone eyeshadow to blend over and help soften harsh edges.” - Sylvina Lopez

Now here's how you can apply a smokey eye makeup on your own, according to Jason Delos Reyes. Just follow the following:

Step 1: Using your blending brush, apply any medium soft brown eye shadow on your eye creases.

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Step 2: Now with your flat shader brush, get some black eye shadow and blend it onto your eyelids. 

Step 3: Apply your favorite black eyeliner on the waterlines of your eyes. 

Step 4: To make your eyes even smokier, blend some black eye shadows on your lower lash line using the tip of a cotton swab.

Step 5: Curl your lashes and wear your favorite waterproof mascara.

Step 6: Lastly, to make your smokey eyes pop, put a little dab of highlighting powder using the tip of your cotton swab to the inner corners of your eyes.

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