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8 Short Haircut and Hair Color Combinations for Summer, As Seen on Gen Z Celebs

8 Short Haircut and Hair Color Combinations for Summer, As Seen on Gen Z Celebs
IMAGE (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/iamsofiaandres, Instagram/bianxa
If you're planning on growing your hair out, don't say we didn't warn you!

Summer is back and the heat is relentless. At this time of the year, we can’t help but crave an ice cold glass of buko juice, an air conditioned space, and a rack full of loose-fitting clothing—anything to beat the heat. But the worst part is, when our hair sticks to the back of our necks from sweat; that feeling of an oily, heavy scalp in the midst of the unforgiving heat makes summers the most unbearable. 

We know we’re not the only ones who feel this way; and more often than not, when faced with our blistering Philippine summers, there’s a semi-permanent fix to our discomfort: getting a haircut. With shorter locks we can cool down faster and say goodbye to feeling weighed down! But as with any haircut, it’s just as important to know that we’ll be looking fresh and not just feeling it, with the cool dye job to match.

So why don’t we look to our favorite Gen Z celebs for help? Because who better to take inspiration from than the youngest trend-setting generation!

8 Short Hairstyle Ideas for the Summer, As Seen on Gen Z Celebs

1. Jane de Leon: Bob + Dark brown

A bob cut is a fool-proof short hairstyle that can look good on any face shape. This cut is perfect for those of you that want a low-key look that doesn’t require you to sit in a salon for hours. And with Jane rocking her natural black-brown color, she really shows how effortless but put-together you can look!

short hair color summer ideas
PHOTO BY Instagram/imjanedeleon

2. Elisse Joson: Blunt chin-length bob + Chestnut brown

If you have a square face, but are worried that short hair isn’t flattering—take a look at Elisse. Blessed with a beautiful, sharp jawline; look at how chic she is with shorter hair! You too can part your hair in the center, like Elisse, to add more balance and symmetry to your face. 

To cop Elisse’s full hair look, why not dye your hair a beautiful golden bronze color as seen here in her photo? The way the sunlight would hit your hair is what dreams are made of. 

short hair color summer ideas
PHOTO BY Instagram/elissejosonn
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3. Andrea Brillantes: Soft layered bob + Auburn

Who can forget when Andrea ditched her long locks for short hair? Talk about an iconic era! Adding soft layers to a classic bob cut can give more dimension to your hair; plus, if you’re thinking of getting long curtain bangs, too—think of this as your green light to get it. 

Extra bonus points: if you’re feeling like you could sit in the salon chair for just a little longer, why not consider dyeing your hair a silky auburn color like Andrea’s! This shade not only looks amazing on Filipino skin tones, but it’s a great way to add a subtle pop of color.

short hair color summer ideas
PHOTO BY Instagram/blythe

4. Sofia Andres: Blunt lob + Honey brown with highlights

Another great thing about short hair is that it looks especially stunning with hats. Here, you can see how stylish Sofia is pairing her lob (long bob) and Burberry bucket hat together. Compared to the previous short hairstyles we’ve shown, as the name implies, this cut is longer and layered—perfect for those who don’t want to commit to a bob cut right away.


We also love how Sofia added honey brown highlights and styled her hair with soft waves, giving her hair so much depth, texture, and life! 

short hair color summer ideas
PHOTO BY Instagram/iamsofiaandres

5. Claudia Barretto: Blunt bob + Jet-black

Whoever said it’s hard to style short hair is wrong, and Claudia can show us why. Rocking a fierce jet-black blunt bob, she styled her hair by sectioning off two front pieces, while putting the rest of her hair in a half-updo. Also, we don’t know if it’s just us but, doesn’t this look just scream Maddy from Euphoria? We’re in love!

short hair color summer ideas
PHOTO BY Instagram/claudia

6. Bianca Umali: Layered lob + Natural black

We’ve talked about how adding color to your hair can really give it dimension, but who’s to say that keeping it all one color can’t give the same ‘wow’ factor? With her all-natural hair color, Bianca’s layered lob literally shines! Another great hairstyle for those who want to soften an angular face shape!

short hair color summer ideas
PHOTO BY Instagram/bianxa

7. Ivana Alawi: Round bob + Cool brown

Another pro to getting a shorter cut is how bubbly the style is. While retinol works on making our face look younger, getting a bob cut can also give you a youthful glow. Not to mention, Ivana’s cool-toned brown hair color is such a refreshing choice for the season!

short hair color summer ideas
PHOTO BY Instagram/ivanaalawi

8. Liza Soberano: Textured bob + Chocolate brown

Ever wanted that “woke up like this” but better hair vibe? Well look no further, because in this photo, Liza shows us exactly what we need to do. A layered long bob styled in soft waves will give you the leading lady aesthetic you’re looking for!

All of that on milk chocolate-colored hair will have everyone having double-takes for you. Just goes to show that you can’t go wrong with short hair and a classic hue!

short hair color summer ideas
PHOTO BY Instagram/lizasoberano

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