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How to Get Rid of Acne Scars, Excess Fat, and Unwanted Hair

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars, Excess Fat, and Unwanted Hair
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Treatments for both face and body!

If you feel that a treatment for the face, the body, the hair, and whatnot is too much prodding for one girl to take, here's a fun fact: There are many treatments out there that solve both face and body issues, although some are used more frequently for one particular purpose. But, like your oufits, there's always room to mix and match.

1. Acne Scars and Tattoos

Try: BELO Revlite Laser, price unavailable, Tomas Morato

What it does: Lightens pigmentation, dark elbows and knees, unevenness

Feels like: Warm rubber-band flicks on the skin

Downtime: Zero

See results in: As early as your first session—they treat half of your face and show you the effects mid-treatment.

2. Wrinkles and Sagging Skin

Try: BELO Skin Reboot, price unavailable, S Maison

What it does: Reduces "mom arms" and loose neck and jowls

Feels like: A warm massage (it's radio frequency!)

Downtime: Zero

See results in: As early as one session, especially for the face.


3. Unwanted Hair

Try: FACIAL CARE CENTRE LaserLight, packages range from P15,000 to 40,000, Connecticut, Greenhills

What it does: Removes unwanted hair in the upper lip, underarms, legs, and bikini line

Feels like: Warm pulses

Downtime: Same slight redness treated with anti-inflammatory topical creams

See results in: Two weeks (hair will gradually fall out as the follicle dies) to one year (when hair will be almost completely gone.)

4. Excess Fat

Try: EMPIRE CENTRE FOR REGENERATIVE MEDICINE Fat Grafting, price unavailable, tel. no. 410 8213

What it does: Transfers fat to other parts of the body

Wishing so hard that your fat from a particular body part would just move to another body area to fill out? Well, consider your wish granted. With a little liposuction, the fat harvested from your gut or inner thighs is purified and injected into your selected places in a very careful, very even application with a special needle. They do this quite well at EMpire, a local regenerative clinic, and they don't do it only for cosmetic reasons, but also for injuries and medical conditions. Ahhhh, technology.

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*This article originally appeared in Preview Magazine's July 2016 issue.

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