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How to Get Rid of Acne Scars, Excess Fat, and Unwanted Hair

Treatments for both face and body!
If you feel that a treatment for the face, the body, the hair, and whatnot is too much prodding for one girl to take, here's a fun fact: There are many treatments out there that solve both face and body issues, although

Dr. Vicki Belo Says These Skincare Habits Are Essential in Your 30s

She reveals the habits you should change, too.
In an interview during Cosmopolitan Beauty Block 2018, Female Network sat down with beauty expert Dr. Vicki Belo to know what skincare habits need to change once you hit your 30s.Her advice sounds simple, and very familiar to anyone who's been making

This Sleeping Position Might Be Giving You More Wrinkles

It's the price to pay for comfort!
Did you know that the most common sleeping position is on your side? Yes, at night, we don't exactly know how many times we switch positions, but when it comes to preference, most of the world are side sleepers. And according to

10 Eye Serums That Are More Powerful Than Your Average Eye Cream

It's time to upgrade your eye care routine!
While a regular eye cream is usually enough to plump and hydrate, our eye concerns do tend to change every now and then. There will come a time you'll need something stronger to look like yourself from decades ago, but don't take

The Skincare Products You Should Have from Your 20s to Your 50s

So you'll always have your skin game on point.
"The less makeup, the better," says Paul Slavin, Managing Director at Estée Lauder who was once Vice-President and General Manager of Clinique Asia-Pacific. "Taking care of your skin provides you with the basics—going for a natural look means having great-looking skin." And

This Painless Treatment Will Make You Look Younger Instantly

And there's absolutely no downtime!
There's a new age-defying injectable in town, and it smooths out fine lines and wrinkles like nobody's business. Introduced in the Philippines by the Aivee Clinic, Xeomin can do what regular botox can and more.According to the Aivee Group, this FDA-approved injectable

All About the Different Types of Wrinkles on Your Face

And how they form.
As we all know very well by now, it's much easier to prevent a wrinkle than to erase one. One effective way to prevent them from happening prematurely is by knowing how they form, specifically, the habits we have (or shouldn't have)

Best of Beauty 2017: Top 10 Anti-Wrinkle Serums

Age-defying secrets, right this way.
Prevention is better than cure, especially if we're talking about wrinkles. On top of moisturizing well and keeping your sunscreen usage in check, it always pays off to have a trusty serum in your routine to fight those fine lines. So before

10 Anti-Aging Remedies for Reducing Smile Lines

No surgery required.
Prevention is key to anti-aging—that you already know. And if you're noticing small creases where you smile, know better than to be alarmed. It's totally natural, and again, reversible if you're equipped with the right products. In fact, here are 10 to

Sunscreen Also Removes Wrinkles, According to Studies

Another reason not to skimp on SPF protection!
If you still don't apply (and reapply!) sunscreen day in and day out, this new study gives you a very good reason to do so.A research conducted by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. and published in Dermatologic Surgery has discovered that sunscreen doesn’t just prevent

How To Put On Eyeliner Without Tugging On Your Skin

Say no to the wrinkle-inducing way of applying eyeliner.
The fierce feline flick, the smoky eye, or even a simple lining of our waterline are all quite tricky to do. Not only are these easy to mess up—especially if you’re using the liquid variety where one small movement can cause panic