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Review: What to Expect When You Have Your Eyebrows Embroidered

A step by step explanation here!
Review: What to Expect When You Have Your Eyebrows Embroidered
A step by step explanation here!

What: Strokes by Momoi Supe 3D Eyebrow Embroidery, price available upon request

What it is: 

It's a semi-permanent procedure that implants pigment into the brows using a blade that has 12-14 acupuncture needles. Instead of the traditional eyebrow tattoo, this method makes use of lines that mimic brow hairs for a more natural look. It's said to last for about 1-2 years, depending on how well your skin takes the pigment. 

Current Condition:

Brows are everything. While I don't particularly agree with the whole "brows on fleek" movement, I do like keeping my arches at the top of their game with brow thickening serum. After that, I fill them in everyday with a tint that darkens the skin under my brows. That way, I'm never really without eyebrows. But the problem with this method is that it easily washes away after three days, and even then I still fill my brows in with a pencil or powder and finish off with some brow mascara to keep them in place.



In the days leading up to the procedure, I busied myself with reading up on the entire process—from what to expect, the things you're not supposed to do before the session, to aftercare. 

To prepare for the session, I didn't touch my brows for a week so they could see my natural shape. Since I shave my brows, the hairs grew back quickly, so I suggest you wait two to three weeks if you get yours threaded or waxed. 

When it was my turn, I was assigned to an attendant and we chatted about how I wanted my brows to look like. I'm not a fan of brows that are on fleek, so I requested for a natural, full shape with a less defined arch. He then proceded to draw marks on my face to indicate where my arch should go, how long my brows should be, and their thickness. I checked the shape, had a few modifications made, checked the shape again, and then when I had decided on the final shape, numbing cream was applied on my brows. 

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I waited 30 minutes in the waiting room for the numbing cream to start working its magic. When time was up, I was then whisked away into another room to finally start the procedure. 

I was a little apprehensive at first. I wasn't comfortable with the idea of someone scratching away at my brows with a needle-lined blade, but the vain don't complain and I shoved my fear away before the first incision was made. It actually felt like someone was scratching my brows with something blunt. I didn't feel any pain initially, but with every wipe (to clean up blood and excess pigment) a little bit of the numbing cream would also get wiped away. When my eyebrow was almost complete, I could feel the needles digging into my skin but it was tolerable. 

Right after the procedure I was told not to get my eyebrows wet for three days. Do not let this scare you! You'll be given clear bandaids to put on your brows while you shower. Avoid working out, too, as the moisture could also affect how well your brows hold the pigment. I was also given some ointment to put on my brows while they healed. 


The day after the procedure, I looked like I got carried away with my brow pencil. My whole brow area was swollen and very dark, so if you plan on having this done, I suggest doing it over the weekend so you can heal properly and not feel too conscious about your dark brows. 

The first week was an adjustment period for me. After microblading my brows were very pronounced and it took some getting used to my new arches, especially on no makeup days when I'd really notice the difference. But if there's something you have to keep in mind with this procedure, you should not, under any circumstance, touch your brows while they are healing. Remember that your new brows are open wounds. Avoid touching them, other than to put on ointment, and when they start forming scabs, DO NOT SCRATCH. They do get pretty itchy at this stage, but the ointment helps keep the scabs moist and less itchy. 



When my scabs healed and my brows settled into their final shape, I really enjoyed the results. I don't leave the house without my eyebrows on and I've always found brows to be a difficult feature to perfect and used to spend at least 10 minutes filling them in. Now I just wake up in the morning, slap on some moisturizer, and go out the door! 

I recommend this procedure to absolutely anyone who cares about their brows and want the convenience of waking up with defined arches. From frequent beach-goers who are tired of dealing with "waterproof" formulas to those who are suffering from hair loss and bald patches on their brows.

However, this might not be for those with acne-prone skin, excessively oily skin (this causes the pigment to fade faster), and very dry skin. As this is a semi-permanent procedure, always consult with your doctor if it's the right treatment for you. Do your research beforehand and don't be afraid to ask questions to the one administering the treatment and those who've gotten their brows microbladed. 


Strokes by Momoi Supe is located at the groundfloor of Greenbelt 1. Visit their Facebook and Instagram pages for more details. For inquiries, you can reach them at 09167 749497 or 9858227.

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