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This Eyebrow Pen Will Make Your Brows Look Naturally Fuller

No, seriously!
Microbladed brows have been on trend for quite a while now, but if you're someone who prefers to stick to a brow grooming routine, this fresh drop from a drugstore brand might be for you.This month, Maybelline is releasing the Tattoo Brow Ink

What's the Difference Between Eyebrow Tattoo and Microblading?

Time to answer the big question!
As the brow tattoo service has become more popular through the years, alternative names for it have since emerged from the void. Now, we have terms like microblading, eyebrow embroidery, and permanent makeup. What's the difference? The same question was definitely in

Review: What to Expect When You Have Your Eyebrows Embroidered

A step by step explanation here!
What: Strokes by Momoi Supe 3D Eyebrow Embroidery, price available upon requestWhat it is: It's a semi-permanent procedure that implants pigment into the brows using a blade that has 12-14 acupuncture needles. Instead of the traditional eyebrow tattoo, this method makes use of

This Girl Got an Eyebrow Tattoo But the Result Left Her Completely Devastated

This is why you should always get your brows microbladed by a professional!
Several of us over at Preview HQ have gotten our brows done through microblading, and we looove the results. But here's a fair warning: you most likely won't be as thrilled if you don't see a well-reputed professional!Don't believe us? Here comes

13 Frequently Asked Questions About Eyebrow Microblading

We answer them all here.
If you’re someone who’s spent your entire post-pubescent life perfecting your eyebrows, and perhaps has even sought the most excellent brow aesthetician in the metro, you can now end your quest for Cara Delevingne or Lily Collins (whoever your prefer) arches with microblading—or

7 Beauty Treatments That Are Perfect Mother's Day Gifts

Make her feel like a million bucks!
Some of us may already have Mother's Day traditions, but there's always a way to step up your game every year. You can always save shopping sprees and mother-daughter brunches for later. This year, think of a gift that'll pamper your mom

10 Things You Need to Know About Eyebrow Embroidery

A.k.a. 3D brows and microblading.
When it comes to eyebrow trends, microblading is definitely the newest one that's been creating the most buzz. It's the secret to the "no makeup" makeup looks of many celebrities and influencers, so we're pretty sure you're just as curious about it