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Here's Why It's Important to Always Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Here's Why It's Important to Always Clean Your Makeup Brushes
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We can't stress it enough.

Your makeup brushes are partially the reason why your glam looks flawless, but overtime, you might notice that they aren't working as well as they did the first time. Unless they're broken beyond repair, the reason why is most likely this: They're dirty.

You probably already know the solution (read: cleaning them) and groaning at the task at hand. But we swear, taking the time to swirl those bristles around in soap won't be in vain. To give you some motivation, here are the top five benefits to keeping your makeup tools clean:

5 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Makeup Brushes

1.  It avoids bacteria buildup in your brushes. 

The longer you use a brush, the more germs accumulate in them. Yes, even if it doesn't "look" dirty, the fact that it's used already makes it a better breeding ground for bacteria. Tools that you use with liquid or cream products like foundation brushes are especially prone to this because germs typically thrive in wet environments.

2. It puts your skin at less risk of irritation.

Using a dirty brush will inevitably transfer bacteria onto your skin, which will most likely cause irritation. You could develop acne or rashes from this kind of exposure, so make sure to spot-clean your brushes with a brush cleaner before you use them or at least give them a deep cleanse at least once a week.


3. It keeps germs away from your your makeup.

Unlike your tools, you can't wash your makeup. That's why if you want your products to stay in shape, avoid putting unclean brushes in contact with them, especially if they contain liquids or creams.

4. It will help you apply your makeup better.

A clean brush, whether it's for the face or the eyes, always provides the best application. On the other hand, a dirty one will be too stiff and stained to blend anything properly, causing your makeup to look streaky and uneven. It can even mess up the colors in your look if it was previously used to apply something in a different shade—a common occurrence with eyeshadow brushes.

5. It preserves the quality of your brushes.

Washing your brushes regularly helps remove excess makeup, oil, and bacteria that could stain or ruin the bristles when left on for too long. Because like sponges, brushes also absorb a fraction of the products they touch. Giving them a deep-clean at least once a week prevents excessive buildup from happening and helps your tools last longer.

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